Thinking this will just be my official “TRADE REVIEW” picture going forward……even in situations where I do in fact see players that I want…..such as this one



We here at the blog are all about typing less and copy and pasting more, ERGO I am just going to rip the trades straight from the ESPN page’s mouth (insert deal with it dog or deal with it owl or deal with it Briana here).


WOOD traded Addison Russell, ChC SS to JF16
WOOD traded Franklin Barreto, Oak SS to JF16
WOOD traded Madison Bumgarner*, SF SP to JF16
JF16 traded J.D. Martinez, Det RF to WOOD
JF16 traded Aaron Sanchez, Tor SP to WOOD
JF16 traded Julio Teheran, Atl SP to WOOD




MY VOTE:  I am pro Morning Wood (weird sentence) I am pro Fishing Club despite my poll vote (anti fishing)




WELL…..a good bit to unpack here. You have an injured yet top 5 pitcher trading hands, traded by a team that is not necessarily in the thick of the race (BECAUSE IT IS ONLY WEEK 7) to the point where you can see them needing to acquire pitching NOW RIGHT NOW. You have a scuffling yet supremely talented shortstop being acquired by a team looking at him as more of a future piece, because that team is winless and feeling like acquiring future pieces, but again IT IS WEEK 7 and nobody is really running away with playoff spots quite yet. You also have some other guys. I can sit here and run through all of their stats and maybe I will get back to that in future trades but in this trade I just want to defend my vote change in opinion from my vote. JD Martinez > Addison Russell, at least for this season, I feel fairly comfortable in that. More power better OBP yada yada. However Addi could possibly blossom more into his power, possibly improve his approach at the plate, THE MAN IS ONLY 23 and last year he put up 21 HRs 95 RBIs and chipped in a modest 5 SBs. This year has been a bit messy yes, and everyone is right to point out that he hasn’t proven all that much just yet. But there have been certain encouraging signs in his swing profile (namely, swinging at less pitches outside of the zone) and again he is 23 and also he is in the best lineup in baseball. I don’t think it would be all that surprising if he put together a monster 2nd half and if he does so he is doing it at a more premium position for the OGTFC. They also pick up Franklin Barreto and uhhh, whatever let’s find what I wrote about him months ago:

Barreto is the A’s best prospect according to BA (#40 overall, #52 and is also according to what IIIIIII have heard, more of a future CF than a future middle infielder.  Which changes things in fantasy now does it.  Barreto hit 10 dingers and swiped 30 bags across 462 AA ABs last season, numbers that would play at CF if that is where his eventual future lies.  The speed is for real but, as with most prospects, how the hitting progresses through the higher levels remains to be seen (he did go 6 for 18 with a triple and a homer in 4 AAA games last year so credit for that I guess).

If Barreto ends up useful then GREAT that helps bridge the gap with Martinez and Addi currently, but my hypothesis is that maybe Addi ends up bridging it all on his own in which case this won’t even matter.

So now we have Aaron Sanchez and Julio Teheran for an injured Madison Bumgarner. Obviously this entirely hinges on Bummy coming back and being the same Bummy, I guess preferably this season but at that point it might not matter for the Fishing Club anyways ( 😉 ). The point is Q-Tip City didn’t want to wait around on Bummy and dealt him in the best package they felt they could get and that is FINE. However I am going to point out that healthy Bummy is the best player in this deal and if he gives OceanGate top 5 performance for years to come they won’t be sad about parting with any of the players involved in this deal. Sanchez was excellent last season but has taken a few steps back in the early going (even if the ERA doesn’t show it) BUT he has only thrown 18 innings to this point so judgments withheld. Teheran has been up and down his whole career and is VERY MUCH down currently, borderline unrosterable at the moment and I’m not sure his track record gives him the benefit of the doubt as a guy you need to hold. He isn’t quite 27 so there is time for him to turn it around, just not sure he should be on a roster until he does for he is most certainly pitching the worst he ever has in the early going in 2017.

So THERE IT IS, a long winded review that Heroy definitely did not pay me to write. When I wanted to write something shorter. Remind me to go back to that weird haiku stats review thing going forward. This was. A mistake. But so is trading Bumgarner when he’s hurt? That is my thesis.




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