2023 Pre-Season Trade Reviews


Waaay back in the day when people traded, those of us with some tenure in the league will fondly (I can only assume) remember these little trade reviews, so in the spirit of give-a-shit-ery, I am bringing these back too.

March 2, 2023

River City Fightin’ Margs receives 1B/DH Vinnie Pasquantino

Lakehurst Leviathans receives SS Willy Adames

Vinnie Pasquantino – 1B/DH Kansas City Royals

25 years old

2022 stats – .383 OBP (298 PAs) / 10 HR / 26 RBI / 1 SB / 25 R / 34:35 K:BB ratio

Ol’ Italian Breakfast himself quietly had a nice finish to the 2022 season with KC. This guy has elite patience at the plate with good power numbers despite playing half his games at Kaufmann Stadium (unless it’s something like Verizon Wireless Stadium or some dumb shit now) and while Vinnie is unlikely to contribute any speed numbers (9 steals in 3 minor league seasons) he should be quite impactful in most of our scoring categories.

Willy Adames – SS Milwaukee Brewers

27 years old

2022 Stats – .298 OBP (617 PAs) / 31 HR / 98 RBI / 8 SB / 83 R

Willy had a breakout year as well with over 30 dongs and nearly 100 ribs for the Brewers and those figures ranked him 2nd and 3rd respectively among all SS in baseball last year. Insider information showed that the acquiring team has zero shortstops on the roster so said team felt it necessary to, ya know, have one. This is the second time Lakehurst has picked up Adames, the other time being “back in the day” from the previous commish.

Winner – Everyone and No One

Cop out answer – If you listen to Greg anyway – no one does – but this was a smart fantasy decision for both managers. Lakehurst was headless at the position and PROBABLY bought high on a career season from Adames but dealt from a position of depth. The Margs pick up a rising star on a sharp upward trajectory poised to have a breakout season of his own.

Actual winner – The Margs. You want to look at who the best player in the deal is and while I could see someone saying Willy might be since Vinnie needs to prove it over a full season, it’s more likely that Pasquantino has more staying power in fantasy circles.

April 2, 2023

Queensboro FC receives RF/DH Giancarlo Stanton

River City Fightin’ Margs receives CF Corbin Carroll

Giancarlo Stanton – RF/DH New York Yankees

33 years old

2022 stats – .297 OBP (452 PAs) / 31 HR / 78 RBI / 0 SB / 53 R

Stanton is a fantastic fantasy asset when he is healthy, which he rarely is. He provides power and RBI numbers that should make any manager happy. Typically provides elite OBP numbers – I believe last year was an outlier – and should score buckets of runs in the Yankee offense when/if he’s healthy. I assume Queensboro believes he will be.

Corbin Carroll – CF Arizona Diamondbacks

22 years old

2022 stats – .330 OBP (115 PAs) / 4 HR / 14 RBI / 13 Runs / 2 SB

Obviously, the numbers from last season’s small sample size don’t do justice to the type of player Carroll is. The #1 or #2 prospect in all of baseball (depending on where you look) has elite speed and should provide above average numbers across the board hitting near the top of the Arizona lineup.

Winner – The Margs

And this reviewer doesn’t think it’s particularly close. Stanton has played over 100 games just twice since 2018 and is in his age 33 season while Carroll is just 22 and should provide comparable numbers for the next decade plus versus the few years Stanton may have left.

2023 Pre-Season Trade Reviews