2023 Is Happening! (I Swear This Time Edition)

Though it never really went away, we’re back for 2023 and with it brings in the winds of change, like it usually does. But relax, there isn’t going to be anything radical.

Dispersal Draft

This is going to be the most “off the wall” thing but none of the people who might accidentally read this will be affected. Since we lost both Seans to retirement and my repeated failed attempts to replace Rojo, I have tried once again to refill the coffers and I think I have this time. For reals.

The rules of the draft are simple. The three new owners, whom I’ll detail in another post down the road, will be put into a draft room with all three departed team’s players plus available free agents. They will refill their own rosters to the max and once completed (ALLEGEDLY on Wednesday that happens) all remaining players will go on waivers and transactions will be open again, including trades.

Every other team’s players will be locked as keepers and show in the draft room as picks. These can be viewed now (right??) and yes, I took the time to KINDA place them where they’d be taken if you picked the team fresh. No, it’s not perfect. Gausman in the 4th and Trout in the 5th ain’t right but you’ll get where I was going with it.

Complete Games

Or rather, the new lack of them. I did some digging and have already detailed most, if not all of you, why they are going away. If you forgot, long story short, they almost never impacted a matchup in the 5 years of data I looked through. Yes, I did literally look at every matchup the last 5 years. It was something like 2% of the time. To the ether they go. I’m not going to replace them with anything since we can’t be adults about it. The lack of a new category will impact the week to week as much as complete games ever did so IN REALITY there’s no change to scoring. Let’s just say that and move on.

First Year Player Drafts (FYPD/Rookie Drafts)

YES, these are coming back! As we get closer to them, I’ll detail them much further but for now, some basic reminders.

These will now become only once per year, prior to the next season. These will resume for February 2024 and take place in the group me chat (or side chat) as it used to. You’ll have 3 picks, which can be traded starting immediately after the dispersal draft this season should you so desire.

Order is determined by lottery for the non-playoff teams, then reverse order of finish. So while you can trade these picks right away, you won’t know their actual position until October-ish.

As it was in the past, you’ll have to drop prospects (or anyone really) to accommodate incoming draftees, as long as you have the league minimum of 15.


Yeah, they’re gone. As if anyone cares or noticed.

Final Thoughts

For now, anyway.

I can honestly say this is the most excited I have been for a season in AWHILE. Sure, COVID sapped some life and a few owners being….less active, let’s say did not help. But this is the the start of a new beginning for the Backyard, and I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

2023 Is Happening! (I Swear This Time Edition)