Backyard Rules and Regulations Update





Backyard Rules and Regulations
EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY…although I understand it’s very VERY late in the season. However most of these rules and protocols are known and just not put down in ink somewhere MUCH TO MIKEY T’S DISMAY. So without further adieu…..


Over 12 starts
Beginning in 2018, starting more than 12 pitchers will result in an automatic disqualification if you win or tie a matchup, as well as a roster lock for that day and the following day. Starting more than 12 pitchers in a losing matchup will result in a roster lock for that day and the following day as well as that opponent being allowed to pick one start for you to bench during your next matchup with them. Decision on who to bench must be decided by 5 minutes before roster lock on the Sunday of the matchup. Any owner that exceeds 12 starts in Week 18 or during the playoffs will be disqualified and will have their rosters locked from the moment of the violation until the following Opening Day. Current rule posted during 2017 still applies for 2017.


All Star Week Matchup Start Limit
The All Star Week Matchup start limit is 24. Owners are free to make an agreement with their opponent on a lowered start limit. Any disputes between owners over a start agreement will be handled by league offices.


Minor League Violations
To view the Minor League rules, click here.

To view the Rights Process Protocol, click here


Additions to the policies in place
– Owners selecting a player to be benched by their opponent for violating the minor league policy must select their player 3 minutes before first pitch of said players game.

– All minor league strikes reset the day after the BCS Series concludes. Multi year violations totals can and will be held against you.

– Beginning Opening Day 2018, all 2 and 3 strike offenders of the minor league policy will lose their 1st round pick in the following Spring Draft.

– Any owner that accumulates 5 violations over any time period will not be allowed to participate in any Backyard draft for 1 calendar year, beginning on the day of the 5th violation.

– The intention to claim or pass on a rights player once they reach the ESPN system must be declared by the owner of their rights within 1 hour of roster lock on the day the player reaches the system. If the owner is unaware of the player reaching the system for more than 24 hours, the decision must be made within 1 hour of them finding out the player is in the system.
– The current legislation states: – All teams must maintain a total of 8 minor leaguers at all times barring a trade, DL move involving a minor league player, or the day a player exceeds minor league limits. In this instance, the team will have until the next First Pitch Roster Lock to become compliant. All teams MUST ALWAYS maintain at least 8 minor league players.

We shall be altering that. Teams may be non-compliant on the day any player comes off of the DL up until roster lock. They no longer need to be minor leaguers only. The rule now applies to major leaguers as well.
Offseason Minor League Compliance
Owners that are eliminated from the postseason may allow their current minor league players to exceed the maximums up until 24 hours before the Spring Draft. These owners can not make any trades or adds until they make their roster compliant.


Gross Owner Negligence Clause aka The Unwritten Rule That Must Now Be Written Cuz Someone Went And Abused It
An owner may petition to the league office once (1) every 2 calendar years to have a player added back to their roster after having dropped them. Petition must be filed within 1 hour of the disputed transaction. Player must have been owned by team for over 1 calendar year to be eligible for petition.


I do believe that covers it (for now). The loopholes never stop, so please send any suggestions or comments towards the Commissioners Office.


Backyard Rules and Regulations Update

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