From The Desk Of The Commissioner: Minor League Regulations and Requirements

Know The Rules


Minor League Regulations and Requirements


– All teams must maintain a total of 8 minor leaguers at all times barring a trade, DL move involving a minor league player, or the day a player exceeds minor league limits. In this instance, the team will have until the next First Pitch Roster Lock to become compliant. All teams MUST ALWAYS maintain at least 8 minor league players.


– Low minors are 4 players with 0 MLB IP and 0 MLB ABs.This is mandatory. High minors allows for up to 4 players under 50 MLB IP and 130 MLB ABs. There is no mandatory requirement to own 4 high minor leaguers.



1st offense: Empty minors roster slot: Warning.

1st offense: Rostering ineligible player at roster lock: Opponent is allowed to select one player that you must sit the following day.

1st offense: Starting ineligible player at roster lock: Opponent is allowed to select one player you must sit the following 2 days.


2nd offense: Empty minors roster slot: Warning.

2nd offense: Rostering ineligible player at roster lock: Opponent is allowed to select one player that you must sit the following day, can not add or drop for the following day as well.

2nd offense: Starting ineligible player at roster lock: Opponent is allowed to select one player you must sit the following 2 days, lose highest % owned (according to ESPN) low minor player to waiver wire.


3rd offense: Empty minors roster slot: Lose top 2 highest % owned minor league players.

3rd offense: Rostering ineligible player at roster lock: Opponent is allowed to select one player you must sit the following day, lose all minor league players to waiver wire.

3rd offense: Starting ineligible player at roster lock: Opponent is allowed to select one player that you must sit the remainder of the week, lose all minor league players, must maintain 8 empty slots for one calendar year.


Violations on Sundays/Week 18/Playoffs

– Regular season Sunday violations will result in your opponent being able to select one player to be sat all week during your next matchup with said opponent.


– Week 18 (last week of the regular season) violations will carry a mandatory drop of your highest % owned minor league player.


– Playoff violations will result in an instant drop of your top 4 highest % owned minor leaguers as well as your roster being locked the remainder of the postseason.



– If an ineligible player is found in an active lineup, they can and will be removed from the lineup immediately by league officials.




Other Rules and Regulations

– Any owner that exceeds 12 starts in a week will have their roster locked for the remainder of the week, and they will only be allowed 10 starts in their following matchup with said opponent.

– Any owner that exceeds 12 starts in Week 18 or during the playoffs will have their rosters locked from the moment of the violation until the following Opening Day.


From The Desk Of The Commissioner: Minor League Regulations and Requirements

Draft 2017!

OK GUYS, so the draft is over! Here’s the results (THIS COLOR denotes Rights Players):

Round 1 Morning Wood (Shane) Pine Lake Punchouts (Rmac) FR Three Eyed Fish (Connor) Springfield Isotopes (Mikey T) RC Bad Dudes (Lobman) Rojo’s Resurgence (Rojo) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) Barnegat Banana Slugs (Brian) Main St Mooninitez (Sean) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) via X-Rays (Odom)
Pick Mickey Moniak – OF Jason Groome, P Nick Senzel,    3b Javy Baez, Utility Joe Kelly, SP/RP Kyle Tucker,    OF  Kevin Maitan, SS Kyle Lewis,       OF  Mitch Keller,   SP Sean Manaea,     SP
Round 2 Morning Wood (Shane) Pine Lake Punchouts (Rmac) FR Three Eyed Fish (Connor) Springfield Isotopes (Mikey T) RC Bad Dudes (Lobman) Rojo’s Resurgence (Rojo) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) Barnegat Banana Slugs (Brian) Main St Mooninitez (Sean) Point Loma X-Rays (Odom)
Pick Matt Manning,   SP Alex Verdugo,    OF Ian Anderson,    SP Eric Fedde,       SP AJ Puk,              SP  Corey Ray,      OF Kyle Barraclough,    RP Zack Collins,     C Grant Dayton,     RP Eric Thames,     LF
Round 3 Morning Wood (Shane) Pine Lake Punchouts (Rmac) FR Three Eyed Fish (Connor) Springfield Isotopes (Mikey T) RC Bad Dudes (Lobman) Rojo’s Resurgence (Rojo) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) Barnegat Banana Slugs (Brian) Main St Mooninitez (Sean) Point Loma X-Rays (Odom)
Pick Braxton Garrett,            SP Blake Rutherford ,    OF Sean Reid-Foley,              SP Mike Napoli,   DH Lazarito Armenteros,      OF Tom Murphy,    C Cal Quantrill,    SP Ryan Buchter,    RP AJ Minter,        SP Delvin Perez,   SS 

Now, the players who are actually on the system will be added tonight to all your active rosters. The rest, well as you know, are draft rights players (hereby called “Rights Players”), and will be posted in a sticky on the blog, and on the message board. A quick note:

  • Rights players are tradable in ANY format, but make sure the move is plainly spelled out in the narrative of  the chat.
  • If ANYONE sees that your player is added to the player pool, they’ll call it out and you’ll be given the first right of refusal. IF YOU DONT PLAN ON USING YOUR OPTION, YOU MUST STATE IT IN THE CHAT OR TO ODOM OR MYSELF. You will then have to wait until after waivers to pick him up, as you’ve given up your rights on the player. Once the player is a full fledged free agent, he will be free for you (or anyone) to pick up.
  • IF you use your right on the player, you MUST put a waiver claim in on said player. If you don’t he will not be on your team.

I mean, its pretty simple and I wrote a whole thing about this, so I don’t think I need to expound any further.

Anyone want to write a review of the draft or anything? Hit me or Sean up…


Draft 2017!

Draft Rights: A Primer

If you know who this is, I’m both impressed and sad for you (both of us)

– Well, as most of us could have guessed, ESPN done screwed us yet again. This time, they have neglected to add some of those OH SO IMPORTANT low minor leaguers that some (maybe 3) of us covet so greatly. The low minors was basically predicated on getting some of the dudes as early as possible, which could build some continuity in our systems, and add an extra element to trade talks and future negotiations in the league.

FEAR NOT, my friends, as your league leadership has heard your concerns and have devised a plan to rectify these issues that maybe 1 or 2 of you care so deeply about. This plan may seem complex and even needless at first, but it will be useful to all who want it, and if you’re not into the whole prospect thing, the great part is you just really don’t have to participate. A secondary or possibly tertiary goal for me in this league is to make you all more well-rounded baseball fans, and I believe this low minors strategy will enhance the experience from bottom to top. But yea, so, without more word filler, this is the strategy that has been brought forward by me, your minor league coordinator, and streamlined by your commish and his underling:

(Quick note: Before you say “This is needless and stupid, and I disagree with its merits”, please note that there have been MULTIPLE owners who welcome and are excited for these minor leaguers to be available, and this process is a conduit in which everyone could be satisfied, and nobody will be slighted.)



  • The draft will give you an opportunity to draft the rights of UP TO (3) minor leaguers who are not already involved in the LOW ENERGY ESPN player pool. It will shake out like this:

    • Draft will (as stated) be done in order of reverse regular season standings.

    • You will be given the opportunity to draft any player of your choosing from the ESPN player pool OR research and draft a player of your choosing who is NOT already in the player pool itself.

    • The draft will be completely on GROUPME, so we control how the picks are made and managed. A spreadsheet of draft picks and the tracking will be compiled by the staff and tracked on the league blog.

    • Drafting rights to players are totally up to the individual drafting to formulate their involvement or strategy. You can draft anywhere from 0 to 3 players from the tangible player pool, and backfill the remainder with rights players.

    • The rights pick has to involve a player who is PAID BY AN MLB ORGANIZATION. No International players who don’t have an attached organization. This is not a negotiable situation.

    • Before you ask, yes, you will theoretically be able to own 11 minor league eligible players, but you really don’t. You have to make a roster move to actually own a rights player when they become available to the system, which means you will have to drop a player on your roster.

    • Breakdown on how rights picks will be done:

      • Owner A wants to use his #1 pick to draft last year’s #1 pick, Mickey Moniak, but obviously his name isn’t accessible through the ESPN system.

      • Owner A will take Mickey Moniak as a DRAFT RIGHTS player with Pick #1.

      • This means: Owner A has not filled 1 spot in his roster, instead acquiring rights to a player to be added to the league at a later date.

      • They will essentially own Mickey Moniak for WHENEVER he enters the league.

      • This player’s rights will NOT count toward your teams minor league requirements. You will still need to make your roster compliant before March 31st. There are no exceptions.

      • Mickey Moniak’s rights will not be available to anyone but Owner A for as long as he is NOT in the ESPN player pool.

      • Once Moniak is discovered to be in the player pool, Owner A will be given the FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL. This means: They will have to drop a player from their team and use their waiver claim on Mickey Moniak (NO MATTER YOUR WAIVER PICK NUMBER). If you decide you have a nice and high waiver claim and don’t want to waste it on your minor leaguer, you MAY pass on the pickup.

      • If Moniak is entered somehow into the player pool and passes through waivers before discovered, the commissioner will manually put Owner A to the back of the waiver list if Owner A decided to act on acquiring Moniak.

      • If you pass on the pick, the rights to Moniak have been absolved and he is a free agent, available to anyone in the league without the use of a waiver pick.

      • These rights players are absolutely tradable if you so choose, as any player on your active roster would be.

      • After the draft, they will have the opportunity to place a waiver claim on a player to fill that empty roster spot for the upcoming season. This means you could own all 3 rights picks in the draft, and backfill your roster spots with active player pool players AFTER the draft.


So basically that’s it. It’s as simple as it sounds, and there are no loopholes that will be exploited here. This is not a living breathing system, where you can randomly claim a players rights at your own whim in the future. It is ONLY FOR THE 3 DRAFT ROUNDS, and that’s only if you choose. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, and you have every opportunity to own any player you choose who’s not in ESPN player pool.

Again, your level of involvement is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. Feel free to participate or not. The caveat is you will not have the license to belly ache at all about not having access to a minor league star if you don’t participate, because you had the opportunity. With anything, there will be penalties that will be enforced for compliance, but these will be covered when the PENALTIES for non-compliance come out in relatively short order.

I encourage and welcome questions, comments, or criticisms which will inevitably rise.

Draft Rights: A Primer


Logo 2

A bit of league business:

Ok, so, I don’t know how many of you I’ve spoken to about all this, but MLB.TV is good. I don’t even know how many of you even use it to watch random Twins games on a Thursday in July, but I do, along with Iron Pigs games on random Wednesday afternoons in June. Or whatever you get my point.

Well the point is I want to see if the league had any willingness to pool together and buy MLB.TV memberships and/or MiLB.TV memberships, in light of our current league structure. is 112.99 for the year, while prices are not yet available. I am buying both for myself, and would like to subsidize the cost by sharing with everyone. If you’re interested (or already buy it), lets work this out.

@ ME on the chat or text or whatever and we’ll build a list and work out costs.

Love always,



2017 Season Rollout

League Logo.png

The time is almost upon us, friends. SOURCES SAY the league may open up today (2/15), and we will then begin to prep for our 10th season in a way we haven’t in previous years. There are well documented new policies (thank you current commissioner) that are being enacted for the 2017 season, so we have had to have some discussion on just how the rollout for 2017 will begin. This is predicated on the RUMOR that the league will open up today, but here’s the gist:

  • League will open up on 2/15 with current roster lock still in effect.
  • All DL situations must be cleaned up prior to any trades completed or draft (due to roster space issues)
  • Once the league page is opened up and DL issues are cleared for all teams, a 3 DAY trading period will begin.
    • Trading period will be processed by commissioner
  • Once trading period (2/15 to 2/17) ends, rosters will be cleaned up and the order for the Draft will be distributed.
  • Draft Rules:
    • Draft will be conducted in a SPECIAL GROUPME CHAT, just so we don’t muddy up the draft with conversation. Conversation on that particular chat will be limited to “on the clock” and then “Draft selection”
    • Draft will be fixed 1-10 in nature (NOT SNAKED)
    • Initial draft order will be in reverse regular season standing order (10th place picks first, and so on)
    • Draft picks can be traded during the draft (assuming you’re not next), under the rule of the commissioner and the parameters clearly spelled out on the League chat.
    • You have the right to PASS on your draft picks, and just pick when the draft completes.
    • You have roughly 1 HOUR to make your draft pick, and you shall be prompted to make said pick.
    • If you do not make the pick in that time, you will be PASSED on your remaining picks.
    • You do NOT necessarily have to pick a minor leaguer, or bring your roster up to compliance at the time of the draft completion.

I mean, basically that’s it. Once the draft is completed, all of the players will be put on waivers for a period of 2 days, and the league will open for business after the waiver period. You will be mandated to bring your roster to the effective minor league compliance by the night before baseball starts (3/31). This is inflexible, and there will be a penalty article posted on the blog once drafted up by our dear commissioner.


2017 Season Rollout

A Message From The Desk of The Commissioner – The Expansion Draft

Look at the important commissioner papers in the corner there

Point Loma —  As we begin our first official dynasty season, with a new commissioner in charge which is me, we should first give thanks to our former commissioner for his many years of service.  Just kidding SUCK IT MIKEY T, back to bizness.  It is time to move on and it is time to Make This League Great Again.  Also would like to wish a special Happy Birthday to BRUCE GRADKOWSKI.  After a great career at Toledo, Bruce went on to play QB for 6 NFL teams. He threw 21 touchdowns.  Happy Birthday Bruce!  Okay back to bizness.

The bizness at hand is the first of hopefully many “expansion drafts” to take place before the start of each new season, allowing teams to fill roster spots or swap out players for new players that are added to ESPN’s player pool.  The rules shall be as follows:

1. Draft date to be announced but will be after rosters unlock, for obvious reasons.

2. Draft will consist of 3 Rounds.

3. Draft order will be a reverse of the regular season standings, this year’s first pick will go to Shane and proceed up the standings from there.

4. You can draft UP TO 3 full rounds, but only 3 picks will be given.  You may also sit out the draft entirely if you want, if that’s the case let me know so you can be skipped during drafting.

5. You must have a compliant roster by 12 AM (east coast time you losers) on Opening Day, but a uhhh non-compliant roster is allowed prior to that.  So you can draft whoever you want without worrying about minor league spots and major league spots.

6.  Draft will take place in a separate GroupMe Backyard Expansion Draft chat, sucks to suck Connor.

Expect more discussion on this subject in the next couple of weeks, as well as an announcement on the rosters unlock date, as well as other things.  For now this is all you get.


The Commissioner

A Message From The Desk of The Commissioner – The Expansion Draft

The Re-tooling of the Minor Leagues


I don’t know about you guys, but I feel there’s something really satisfying about a pitcher you have in your minor league system coming up and tossing a gem. Whether it be a speculative add after reading a Fangraphs article on upcoming promoted prospects or maybe just a guy you’ve followed from your favorite teams, the minor leagues are what makes our League much more interesting, and in my opinion separates itself from other fantasy baseball leagues (cue the T “THERE ARE NO OTHER LEAGUES”). In this instance, I agree.

Our system is easy (Note: Not always easy). A minor league bat could be a player at any position who accrues less than 130 (up from 100) at bats in his career. This falls in line now with the MLB’s designation for a rookie positional player in the voting for Rookie of the Year. Similarly,. the pitcher (reliever or starter) which accrues less than 50 IP  will be considered a minor league arm. It’s a simple and easily follow-able system which has I think enhanced the leagues interest and complexity.

Now, I wouldn’t for a second say that what we have is a perfect system. We all have found ways to use the minors for a competitive advantage, with a minors eligible starter eligible holds guy reliever being the Holy motherfucking Grail of players. Its all sorts of weird, but its great. There are, however, some ways to make this whole Minors system even better, which I’ll illustrate in some long-winded explanations below:

The Proposal:

I propose that we evolve yet again in our quest to perfect the minors system by implementing a LOW minors in addition to what we have now (HIGH minors). The Low minors designation would create a spot for prospects who have ZERO IP/AB in the Major Leagues. We’ve created our Dynasty League, and I feel that this is essential to continuing the evolution of our League in general. Now, there are many ways this can be accomplished, which I’ll do my best to explain in some quick detail. PLEASE NOTE: This is not a completed, agreed upon, final decision of any kind. There will be a change in the Minor League system at some point in the near future, but there are no certainties yet as to just what we plan on doing.

Current Structure:

High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP

This is what we have currently. It speaks for itself. Here are some ideas for expanding the system:

Proposal 1: Doubling the System

High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances

This structure doubles the amount of minor leaguer’s we have in our system, which I feel is probably excessive for what most of the league is into. I’m just trying to give a little more depth into what we could have, and actually I feel that there is more than enough minor league talent in the free agent list to accommodate this structure. The issue here would be interest, which I wholeheartedly understand.

Proposal 2: Bare Bones

High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances

This one is basically a combination of the two systems, which doesn’t add ANY additional places for prospects, but implements the Low Minors spots in place of a few usable High Minors eligible players. This would be a pretty good system for some of the people who don’t make a crazy amount of moves, yet want to get the whole “I cultivate prospects” experience. To me, it doesn’t solve my whole “we need more spots for good prospects” issue, but there’s some merit to the idea of limiting the usable prospects.

Proposal 3: Happy Mediums?

High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances


High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
High Minors 130 AB / 50 IP
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances
Low Minors NO Appearances

One of these systems might be our very best happy medium, as it combines the Low and High minor leagues, while only adding 2 additional roster spots to the league. Now, its up to the group as to how they’d like to work this whole thing, but a combination of the two levels would look something like this.

There are some potential issues that could arise from this new system idea. I’m not going to pretend for a second that this won’t confuse and annoy some of the already confused and annoyed with our current structure. It’s very hard to police this minors thing, and until ESPN decides to put a minor league designation in their league database (Don’t gimme that bullshit that its never done, ESPN, because Yahoo and CBS both have it!), we have to do some policing on our own. Once we decide on a structure that is right for the league, we could determine a few things:

  • Why do we need this?
  • How we add the players?
  • Who picks first?
  • How will it all be tracked?
  • How many times will Cliff break the rules?
  • What are the penalties?
  • How many will be kept?
  • How many questions/complaints will Brian have?

So basically think about what you’d be most into here. As Minor League Coordinator and Media director, I’m going to strongly push to make this additional prospect thing happen by the ALL STAR BREAK 2016. You’ll all thank me for it in a few years, when SUPER-PROSPECT FUCKFACE GONZALEZ throws a 3 hit shutout off your High Minors spot in the Championship Week to lock up a title for you. That probably won’t happen, but you can dream!


The Re-tooling of the Minor Leagues


Logo 2

– We begin another season of Backyard Fantasy Baseball, and with it comes one of the more interesting weeks I could remember in quite some time. Weather, homers, and bad bad bad pitching were the stars of the week, so without further ado, the review:


Main St Mooninitez Beats Connor (I refuse to say that stupid name) – 8-4-2

MVP: Dexter Fowler – Fillin’ up that got damn scoresheet with 7 runs, a triple, homer, and a .625 OBP.

LVP: Connor – Nice name.

In a match-up of teams NOBODY cares about, Sean takes down Connor in probably the biggest walkover of the week. I mean, it wasn’t even close. The Mooninitez were pretty good, I guess, but really the indictment was on the Altuves here. Shout out to Maikel Franco for getting the first 2 RBI’s for Connor on fucking Wednesday, which could be some kind of record. That’s basically a microcosm of this battle, as Connor’s team was pretty bad. Although I guess you could say that The Altuves pitching was pretty decent, but this ain’t a The Backyard Fantasy Pitching league, so you’re gonna have to find some more offense there chief. Also, Jake deGrom is clearly hurt and you drafted too many closers/setup guys. MOVING ON…

Next week: The Mooninitez (that’s tough to spell) head over to face The Isotopes in a battle of insufferable human beings, while Connor tries to improve his offensive luck against the Trevor Storys I mean Barnegat Banana Slugs.


Rojo’s Resurgence Beats Whitestone Bulldogs – 8-4-2

MVP: Matt Kemp – Hey guys, Matt Kemp has 3 homers and 10 RBI. He also looks like he’s 65 years old.

LVP: The Mets – Cliff has too many Mets on his team, and they didn’t have a good week. So he lost…

The aptly or ironically (depending on how you feel about Rojo’s team) Resurgence took a big step towards relevancy this year by dispatching the Whitestone Bulldogs in another match-up that really wasn’t all that close. Rojo decided to go absolutely HAM on the holds game, and pretty much achieved it with a whopping 9 holds! Good for you, buddy. Now that bad news: Schwarbs tore his ACL and one of the Asians he has on his team hurt his calf. Maybe resurgence is a strong word. Cliff’s guys again didn’t do all that well, highlighted by basically every met on his team (except for Syndergaard, who’s a machine) being completely below average. But HEY JAY BRUCE. Either way, Rojo gets a really nice victory here.

Next week: The Resurgence gets to really prove their worth against the DEFENDING CHAMPION RIVER CITY CUBAN MISSILES, while The Bulldogs get to achieve the biggest gap in roster moves in league history made by going up against Mike Odom and the DX.


Barnegat Banana Slugs beats OG Trout Fishing Club – 8-4-2

MVP: Trevor Story – 7 Homers in 21 at bats in the first 6 games of your career gets you this PRESTIGIOUS honor.

LVP: Mike Trout – C’mon guy, you’re supposed to be the best player in the game. It’s early, but I predict MAJOR REGRESSION from Trout. Just stick to the Weather Channel pop-ins, Asshole.

The Banana Slugs are just ITCHING to prove to everyone (and the world) wrong about this whole Runner Up Curse ™ thing, and took a monster step forward by just stomping the holy hell out of paper champion contender Greg Heroy and his fishing club of sadness. Donaldson, Story, Bautista, and the gang went absolutely nuts this week, leading Mr. Smith to (wrongly) think aloud about a certain HR record that he wasn’t even close to. Either way, he had a tremendous offensive week. This one was never really close, but if I have to say anything nice about Heroy’s guys, Anthony Rizzo was pretty gosh darn good. Regret fills the Cuban Missile Boardroom. His team is still very talented, but will need a little more from guys like Trout and Mooooookie if he wants to fulfill those gigantic expectations attached to that horrendously stupid team name.

Next week: The Banana Slugs get another walkover against Connor’s Altuves, while The Troutfishingclubs will look for better luck against the People’s Champs. He will probably not find better luck, now that I saw who he’s playing.


Dee-Generation (Get it?) beats The People’s Champs – 7-6-1

MVP: ESPN’s Move Tracker – 72 Moves already, and the shell game begins. Also, Jean Segura was good.

LVP: Collin McHugh – My least favorite pitcher of all time now that Buerhle is dead really came to pitch…. For like 1/3 of an inning.

Pretty much all of us (including his boyfriend, Sean) criticized Odom’s insane roster construction and draft pick trading strategy over this off-season, and despite the fact that we’re going to be right in the end, The DX found a way to eek out a victory over a fairly strong People’s Champ squad. Highlight the trade of the early season as a major reason in this W, as Corey Dickerson comes into the lineup for everyone’s favorite Tim Beckham clone, Tim Anderson. He really had no place on Rojo’s roster tho. In a narrow loss, we can confirm what everyone already knew: Ryan has some pitching guys. Maybe Wainwright is done, maybe, but sure as shit King Felix isn’t. The People’s Champs woulda won against a lot of teams this week (didn’t fact check that), but ran into a team who moved enough around squeak past the 2 time champ. Side note: Ryan, we need to be better. Our impending babies can’t know us as losers.

Next week: The DEEX head over to play the Bulldogs in a match-up I referenced before, so I won’t expound on, while the People’s Champs look to cause more pain in Heroy’s life than his Liver and STD problems (Ask him not me).


THE ROLAIDS GAME OF THE WEEK – Cuban Missiles TIE the Isotopes – 6-6-2

MVP: Robinson Cano – This dude was just giving pitchers the business like all week with 4 homers. That’s only 1 less than our boy TREV Story!

LVP: Mikey T’s Streaming Choices – Lyles, Morton, Danks, and Pelf. He stopped watching baseball 3 years ago I think.

The everlasting blood feud between two of the original owners got another shitty tie, in what probably was the most stress filled and vomit inducing Sunday that I can remember. The tie brings their all-time match-up to 14-10-4 in favor of the Missiles (Look it up, T), but wasn’t without some really rough luck on both sides.  There were multiple chances for both teams to lock up a W on the day, which really came down to the last few at bats from those 4pm games, as the baseball gods did NOT feel like watching another trash Yankee-Tiger Sunday night game. If that game had actually of been played, this scoreline would’ve more than likely looked dramatically different, but it didn’t and we don’t need to discuss that anymore, so let’s move on. The Missiles and Tope’s both had great offensive weeks, coupled with some really terrible pitching. I mean, seriously, Zack. Not a way to endear yourself to the River City faithful during the CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER raising week and everything. But hey, good week, as both teams don’t lose, I guess.

Next week: The Missiles take on Rojo’s Resurgence in a matchup where I don’t have a lot to say, and The Topes get to experience the hilariously unfunny presence of Sean McLaughlin’s Mooninitez. But basically: