A Reasoned Response – Comments to the McCann-Smith Platform

So here we are.. In February  with no certain home to play on, 9 owners, uncertain scoring categories, scandals, suspensions, manager firings, global climate crisis.. ETC. We do, however, have a new commish group who are tasked with putting forth a new path for the league. Its been rocky(ish), but I feel like we do need to set some dialogue. I’m taking it upon myself to begin the conversation between the remaining owners and the commish(s) to help fine tune the details this week, so we may hit the ground running as the season gets closer. Please everyone try to digest the platform the commissioners (can we get a nickname for this duo?) put out there, and maybe take some of my responses and comments as a starting point for you to figure on what you feel is the best way forward. We set a deadline of TOMORROW (2/11/20) for comments, but maybe we need to push to the end of the week if we get enough discussion going. So here goes:


  • Switching To Fantrax: The platform switch has been long overdue. Fantrax is the industry standard when it comes to serious fantasy leagues. There’s no matching their player pool and dynasty customization options. There is a cost associated with it; both in actual money (after our initial free year, it’ll come down to about 8 bucks an owner per season), and in the slight annoyance of learning something new. But all in all they’ve fixed up the app and it looks good – it basically has everything we’re used to with ESPN; so it should be a fairly painless switch.  Most importantly – it eliminates the need to self police the minors system if we adopt the other changes we are suggesting below.

The Lobman Response:

In my opinion, switching to Fantrax ABSOLUTELY suits this league. ESPN has done us no favors throughout the years, especially when we’ve pushed past all of that site’s capabilities. We are a very forward thinking (at times) league, and in my research the only site available that could conceivably track what we manually operate would be Fantrax. To me, I FULLY SUPPORT this move.


  • Elimination of High Minors/Rights Minor Leaguers: (NOTE – This does not mean you lose your high minors guys and rights guys! Keep reading!) Basically we keep the 10 minors slots we’re all used to, but they are all designated for players without a major league appearance (“low minors”) – This fits in perfectly with the Fantrax switch because Fantrax can automatically police that sort of system perfectly. It would be much like when you have a player on the IL and he comes back. Essentially when a player makes an appearance in the big leagues, the system would prevent you from making any other moves until you fix your roster and either bump the minors guy up to your majors bench or drop him. So what happens to the rights guys? Well Fantrax basically has everyone – so you can now just pop them into your minors slots if you care to keep them. OK, what about your high minors guys?

The Lobman Response:

In my opinion, we need to debate this further. Not in the toxic shitbag style we typically debate things, but the only way I see this is eliminating high minors spots eliminates a value of a handful of players in our league. There was a reason we looked to create this minor league player tiers, because it added an extra type of strategy to our league. Players who would ordinarily have 0.0% value to any league had a TON of value to us as a whole. Maybe we don’t care now, or maybe even Fantrax can’t give us what we want (according to the discussion last night). I quite liked the idea of picking up a rookie to fit a set of criteria in our roster structure. IF we had to choose between the low/high minors tier system, I’d almost say scrap the low minors, and just allow all minor leaguers to be usable up to 130/50. Just my opinion.

(PLEASE NOTE: this will have to be discussed even further, because of limitations/abilities of Fantrax. The Commissioners will have to explain in greater detail ON THIS BLOG to articulate what exactly we’re looking at here in terms of options. Not on GroupMe).


  • Roster Expansion: Five bench spots will be added to our rosters. All owners are welcome to use these slots for any high minors players they wish to keep, or to just add regular major leaguers in the draft.

 The Lobman Response:

For me, 5 spots is just too much. If the league is all about this number, I could probably get myself to accept this to an extent, but (like what Doch said last night), I could see this getting really screwy. I’m not gonna say there’s major holes to be exploited here, but essentially we’re taking away another guardrail and we have no idea what will happen. Maybe I’m overly cautious, but like with a change to a different site, man there are a lot of unknowns. I’d say splitting the difference (in the spirit of the MLB) and adding 3 spots might be a decent compromise.


  • Roster Expansion Draft: There will be a draft. Owners may select any player in Fantrax’s system that they need to fill out their new roster size including the five extra major league spots and the ten minor league (formerly called “low minors”) spots. Your draft ends when your roster is full and compliant.

The Lobman Response:

I think this kind of falls in line with #3. I mean, lets just say that a 3 round draft to add spots (if need be) would be something we’ve done in the past with rights players. I think more discussion on the whole topic needs to be had before we decide on a draft of sorts.


  • Elimination of Complete Games: This doesn’t give us much joy, because we think the “boutique stats” are part of what makes this league so fun – but if one considers the current situation in MLB honestly, pitchers are being handled differently and complete games are going the way of the Dodo Bird. I realize we have been operating in an environment wherein walks were not considered for quite some time now, but the time for WHIP has arrived. It’s an incredibly common stat that is considered in nearly every player ranking system for fantasy baseball. While we realize this will be advantageous for some sorts of pitchers and disadvantageous for others – we believe all owners in this league have the skill and knowledge to be able to adjust swimmingly. Speaking of owners…

The Lobman Response:

This is something I wanted to discuss most of all. Here are my feelings.. The CG is a very imperfect stat category in today’s fantasy baseball. Obviously, its infrequent and not indicative of a great pitcher more times than now. Here’s the thing though: I think the chat gets a little extra buzz when a pitcher (especially some random) gets through 7 2/3 and under 90 pitches. It’s a category that you can’t plan for, which runs (KIND OF) in line with triples albeit less frequent. There’s a symmetry with what we have now in our scoring structure. It’s generally why we originally set it up as we did. Six counting stats and one percentage stat on each side. I’m not here advocating for keeping this because it helps me the most (Because it obviously doesn’t), but I just don’t see a better option that is an OBVIOUS upgrade over what we have. We’re not here to make wholesale category changes for the sake of making changes. The idea is to improve the league, not just tweak what isn’t exactly a problem. If we want to have a discussion of modernizing our category (and adding WHIP which I fucking hate), I would be agreeable to killing K’s and adding K/9 to a BB/9 which is more preferable than WHIP to me. That might make more sense in the end, but again its not a change I really don’t think needs to be made.


  • New Owner: Just between your two commissioners, there are three prospective new owners: Devon McCann (Shane’s Brother), Guy Pollioni, and Jim Cartnick (Both friends of Brian). All three have previous experience playing with us in fantasy leagues and would make fine additions to the backyard. If there are no other names put forward and no other objections, the commissioners will give the above people the chance to look over Odom’s roster and the rest of the league and decide if they wish to join the Backyard. They will be asked in the order we have listed them. If Devon Takes it, we are good, if he opts not to, we move on to Guy, if he opts out, we go to Jim. If all three refuse to take over the dumpster fire, we call Figs. Just kidding.

The Lobman Response:

I have 0 opinion on who gets into the league. I trust you guys to vet these potential owners enough to let them know how awful we all are. The only thing I’ll say is this: The MUST understand the team they’re getting themselves into. Odom was fucking crazy, but he was masterful with his strategy. There are pieces to work with here, but the new owner really has to understand that there’s a very good change he gets stomped for almost 2 seasons while he shapes his team. To me, go nuts guys… Get your man.

 I would say maybe a way to incentivize an owner taking a team is to allow them to have a 3-5 player first picks at the FA list once the rosters are fully and correctly populated. This will at least let the new owner put his initial first stamp on his team.


  • Cash Prize: This is another one that we approach tentatively because this league will ALWAYS be all about pride and talking shit at the end of the day; but frankly, with the amount of time most of us put into this league, kicking in the price of a beer and a sandwich would not be unreasonable. Getting that trophy along with some cash money would be a lovely way to cap off a hard won victory. We’d suggest 20 bucks an owner. For our free-Fantrax 2020, that pot of $200 would go completely to the champion, but in 2021 and beyond, the previous year’s champion would not have to pay anything the following year, and the 180 bucks collected from the other 9 owners would be divided as follows: $80 to cover league costs and $100 to the champion. Hopefully we all have Venmo by this point; it would make these fees really easy to collect and the winner’s prize easy to pay out.

The Lobman Response:

Sure. 20 bucks per owner won’t kill anyone. I think we either need a new trophy for the changeover, or we need to get the trophy and add the nameplates that were DEFINITELY not ordered and put on the past few years. The free Fantrax year will allow us to spend 200 bucks on this, or I guess whatever we’ll just give 100 bucks to the winner, 20 to the runner-up, then 80 for next year’s league. I don’t know. I do completely agree with Greg that I don’t want this to turn into a money league. I also don’t mind tossing 20 bucks to help contribute to improving the league.


We humbly put forth the above plans for your consideration. We don’t have to put a GODDAMN thing to a vote, but perhaps we will in some cases when we get a better sense of how the league feels. Bottom line: We’re really excited about our potential move to the massive player pool of Fantrax, the expansion of rosters, and drafting some new guys. The league has the potential to run very smoothly this year without the hassle of counting high minors ABs and IPs and checking when rights players are added.  No self-policing also means no more draconian penalties. Adopt our changes and let Fantrax do the work for you. Pitchers and catchers will be reporting before we know it. Let’s rock and roll.

The Lobman Response:

I know the commish(s) are going to do what they feel would be best for the league. I also know that everyone has a different interpretation of what’s an improvement over previous years. Now that we have the commish thing settled, I think the order of operation needs to be:

 Fantrax or ESPN (I THINK we chose Fantrax officially?)

  • Rule changes (a THOROUGH addendum process with POSSIBLE amendments and negotiation)
  • New Owner
  • Draft (If applicable)

I wouldn’t combine or deviate from this order, because one thing needs to happen before the next occurs. I’m sure I have more to add to this, but I wanted to address all of this specifically before we go to the next steps.





A Reasoned Response – Comments to the McCann-Smith Platform

Playoff Review – Opening Week

Playoffs 2019

Well, this is a weird feeling. For the first time in the history of the league, yours truly the TWO time champeeen River City Bad Dude–Margs are not chasing another title run. I know the rest of the league is as broken up as I was about this fact, but in respect of the remaining playoff chasers, we will press on and give a QUICK review of this first round of the playoffs in the year of our lord 2019. Without further ado:

BYE Weeks: Lacey Twp backdoor Sliderzzzzzzzz(z), East Coast Kings

They both did a nice job managing (not managing) their rosters and setting themselves up for their respective weeks in Round 2. Good for them.


Consolation Bracket:


Lakehurst Leviathans defeat THE NEW LOOK River City Fightin’ Margs – 9-3-2

NOTES: Shane keeping Mike Fiers has paid immediate dividends, as his centerpiece for 2020 throw a 6 inning 5 earned GEM. This start further entrenches him in the Leviathans 2020 rotation (I assume). Anyways, nobody really gives a fuck about the consolation bracket, but its really fucking swell to see Bryce Harper hit dingerZ when they don’t actually matter. Both teams had solid OBP’s (Shout out to the 2019 OBP record for Shane this week BUT THE MEDIA ISN’T REPORTING THAT) and didn’t start the requisite 12 which is just fine for this situation.

Next Up: Honestly who cares.



Rojo’s Renegade Force defeats Barnegat Banana Slugs – 7-3-4

NOTES: I dunno. Aristides Aquino had a very nice week. The Renegades got some strong Japanese power with an Ohtani JROLL, as well as a lovely outing from Yu Darvish. One must think that this momentum will really push The Renegades into good form for next seas…………. Nevermind. Uh, moving on!

Next Up: Again, Nobody Cares


Actual Bracket:

J-Ram heating up at the right time for the X-Rayz

Pacific Beach X-Rayz Start lots of guys, defeat Island Beach Bears – 9-3-2


You just know you’re in for a long playoff week when you look at your opponent’s starting roster on a Monday and find 8(!) random pickups on for a doubleheader in Yankee Stadium. That’s not what you want, and for Sean’s Bears, the random beat-down continued throughout the entirety of the week. There’s no way to know if Sean actually paid attention this week, but if he did, he would have seen that the X-Rayz started 40 FORTY different batters! If I were Mikey T, I’d make some claim that this was DEFINITELY a record. I’m not sure if it was, but it was a record. Anyways, Jose Ramirez is good again, so he gets my MVP of the week award for this matchup. Also, it can’t feel good to see FORMER Bear, Domingo German tossing a 7-inning gem against his former team. Again, I’m not sure Sean noticed.

FOR THE BEARS, Max Munchy had a nice week, and the team sure got a lot of holds. Marcus Semien rung up a JROLL moral victory, and the Bears did not start 40 batters this week. That’s like all I got here. The real winner here are the Bears, as now their owner can paddle out to sea on his boogie board without having to worry about checking his roster. I think at the end of the day, both teams got what they wanted, and that’s really what this league is all about.

Sean, the ocean waits for theeeeeeeee

Next Up: Pacific Beach X-Rayz travel to the back woods of Lacey Township to face our defending champion. I expect too many wrestling comments.


Matchup of the Playoff Week, SPONSORED BY DICK’S SPORTING GOODS:


The Ocean Gate Trout Fishing Club TIE and DEMORALIZE and END the SEASON of the Astoria Isotopes – 6-6-2


Wooooo boy. I mean, where to begin here. This matchup had EVERYTHING, and by everything, I mean that I really started following what was going on around 5:30 on Sunday night. But the drama was palpable heading into that 7pm Little League whatever the fuck that is that they do every year now. It honestly looked like the Fishing Club had this thing all done and dusted at the end of the day on Saturday, but low and behold the #Dopes decided to go out and have a fairly RIDICULOUS 6 homer 14 RBI Sunday afternoon (along with 2 holds and 2 saves) to take a 7-5 lead into this now historic 7pm game. Now, I didn’t watch the game, mainly because A-Rod is so terrible to listen to and he wears uncomfortably tight dress shirts, but the situation had the Topes getting into the semifinals if the score held. The OGFC needed a homer and a double from one of the Bell/Bryant/Rizzo trio, which in hindsight was entirely plausible.

The chat was FILLED with T comments saying, “I WANT THE CHAMP” and talking about his impending matchup with The BDSliderz. I remember thinking to myself “Just how much will I laugh if Bryant doubles, then Rizzo homers right behind him?” very early on in the game (while tracking on my phone, again A-Rod isn’t good). WELL GUYS you’ll never guess what happens in the 5th inning! Mitch Keller gives up a quick double to Kris Bryant, to prompt Mikey T to say something along the lines of “Uh Oh”. Now, we all knew what was coming next, which was inevitably the end of the Dopes I mean Topes season. Trying to rile up my good friend T, I said “Hey wouldn’t it be funny if Rizzo homered here?”. The chat BLEW UP. Rizzo had done it, something ALL TOO MANY have done off of Mitch Keller this season, but this one mattered. The Bryzzo combo had officially sent the hopes of Topes 2nd title crashing down in the Williamsport night. Many little leaguers were cheering. I assume T was not. Heroy was hungover and somewhat down about his victory. Nobody wins sometimes.

Let’s just give a big ole MVP to Bryzzo here for disemboweling the Topes on a late Sunday night.

Next Up: The OGFC head to the East Coast (?) to face the Kings, where there’s no doubt where Heroy will concede victory to R-mac about 15 times and proclaim that he doesn’t really care about this league anyways and wants it all to end.


Playoff Review – Opening Week


Puig and Heroy agree: Let’s make the league fun again

-OK, so the league is still fun. Its the first thing I check during the season, and I get great joy in spending an hour or two just perusing the FA list for the next gem or SP eligible reliever. I do, however, feel that there are all very valid concerns (at times) about how sometimes people get frustrated about the setup or the monotony of the league day to day. This has led many of us to openly complain or even threaten to leave the league at the end of the year. Maybe we’re all getting older, or busier, or whatever. The thing is: This league is still great and could be even better if a couple of tweaks are made. Below are the beginnings of some referendum I intend on bringing to the table in the off-season, most of which have come from conversations I’ve had with some other owners throughout the past year and change:

  1. Fantrax – Maybe the biggest and most important decision we have this year will be the potential move from ESPN over to the Wild Wild West of Fantrax. Fantrax is uncharted territory for us, fantasy baseball wise. The football experience we had was downright awful, but from all accounts Fantrax has improved leaps and bounds. Despite what Fantrax lacks in a workable app (They’re supposedly making one for next year), they make up for in having all the customization data and options that our league DESPERATELY needs. Sure, ESPN has the interface that’s easy to use, but what good is it if pitchers are given PP stats for 2 consecutive days? We have to manually monitor our dynasty situation because ESPN doesn’t care about that portion of fantasy baseball. With a potential move to Fantrax (WHICH WILL BE FREE THANKS SHANE), we would have all this managed for us. Players who are currently FUCKING high schoolers are in their system, which negates the need for a rights system. Its easy for all of you who don’t attempt to manage this whole process to scoff at moving just for a few high schoolers, but it’s going to safeguard you from making really dumb roster decisions in an effort to get that last 2 AB’s from a rookie infielder. Honestly, I think its all worth risking a year and taking a chance at making our league everything it could be in the end.


  1. League Expansion – This might be a big ask nowadays, but I think expanding the league to 12 teams would be a major positive to the league. Adding 2 additional teams will dilute the FA Pool to a point where people will have LESS options to stream with during the season, which will allow for more trades and careful thought regarding your roster construction. With the impending departure of The Renegades (is he really going?), MAYYYYBE this is a tough ask, but I feel like this would be a major enhancement to the league. I have thoughts about how an expansion draft would work, but that could be discussed if this idea makes it past conception. Even IF Rojo leaves, I heard rumblings that Brian/Shane/Doch ALL have potential owners to replace him, so to me it’s a thought to let them all the fuck in… Let’s get weird!


  1. Roster Expansion – OK, so if adding more teams isn’t as palatable to you as is it is to me, maybe think about expanding our rosters to add 3-5 additional bench spots. These spots would be free for anyone on the FA list, which helps diluting the pool (like I discussed in bullet 2). Taking 30-50 halfway decent players off the FA list will again enhance the potential for trade discussions and allow for people hold onto certain borderline players and not stream as much. Just how many roster spots we’d add is certainly up for debate, but I think this is a logic solution to a problem we have.


  1. Extend the Waiver Period – Sounds controversial, but really there’s sense behind this idea. Currently, we’re at a 2 day waiver period. This allows you to stream through a litany of pitchers, and still catching them for a 2nd start later in the week. The way this league has evolved, teams (such as myself) only have to roster 2-3 starters at a time while streaming the rest of their starts. Sometimes that works, other times it doesn’t, but you shouldn’t be able to construct a roster that just filters thought players like it’s a DFS pick em league. Extending the waiver period won’t cure this entirely, which is OK, but it’ll curb some of the quick drops and adds. In turn, maybe we see some more trade negotiations? Its hard to say, but it feels to me like a 5 day waiver period will place more emphasis on who you drop and not the frequency in which you drop them over the course of the year.

Summing this up: Not all of these changes NEED to be made in order to make this league as good as it could be, but any one of them could surely improve some of the intricacies that we have currently. Maybe it wont cure all the complaining and fatigue, but I think these changes could bring some fun to the league again in 2020.


FAKE TRADES (by all of us)

Here’s that LONG AWAITED blog post from our friend, Gregory Heroy: 

(Lobman’s note: This was copy and pasted from many conversations Greggers had with the group. I am not even broaching editing this in any way, rather just give you guys what I was given. EH Maybe I’ll touch it up just like a bit so its slightly easier to read. Fuck off. Also Stanton’s going nowhere).

Lobman’s take for T

Astoria Isotopes receive Cody Allen and Cal Quantrill

Q-Tip City Morning wood receive Miguel Cabrera
I was given the distinct opportunity and pleasure to pick my buddy T, and a trade that should (AND COULD) be made to benefit his franchise. The trade I picked above is more of a symbolic move, allowing Miggy to live out the remaining days in a proper retirement home (get it?) and gives the Dopes I mean Topes a sturdy reliever to reinvigorate his bullpen. As a sweetener, I added the son of Paul Quantrill, who T recognizes from the last time he actually watched a baseball game. This trade I believe benefits both sides, and is very fair because Miggy is broken and declining. Editor’s Note: Miggy is also an alcoholic.


Dochney’s fake trade for Rojo

I have been chosen to make an imaginary trade for Rojo.  What an honor for Rojo, he has the chance to get inside the head and receive free advice from the People’s Champ.


Where do I start with Rojo’s team?  The obvious glaring need is the lack of closers and saves on this roster.  One might immediately look to have Rojo trade for a closer.  But Rojo has stubbornly stuck to his strategy of punting the category of saves so we will not go that route for him.  Instead we will look at his middle infield corps.  He has Chris Taylor as a SS and the trio of Scooter Gennett, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Ben Zobrist to choose from for his 2B and 2B/SS slots.  I am underwhelmed by these options so we will look around the league to see how we can improve here.  I also have a lot of options at 2B, so I would advise him to look my way, but for the sake of this article, I am not allowed to make a trade with myself.

We also will need to look at strong spots on Rojo’s roster that he would be willing to give up and not be too hurt overall.  Mr. All or Nothing Joey Gallo might be a good trade chip.  He might bat around the Mendoza line and strike out 200 times a year, but there is value in 40 home runs still.

Trade with R mac

Rojo receives Yoan Moncada

Rmac receives Joey Gallo

I would say that Moncada has been slightly disappointing since coming over from Cuba.  Hopefully, now with less restrictions in Cuba, we can get some better scouting and less Rusney Castillo bust type players (Victor Victor Mesa will hopefully be the last big bust out of the poorly scouted Cuba).  All and all, Moncada is still only turning 24 years old this May, the former top prospect is still loaded with potential.   Moncada still could reach 20/20 production and may be getting some protection in the White Sox lineup as soon as next week in Manny Machado.  Eloy Jimenez is also on his way up for protection even if White Sox pull a Joey Gallo and strikeout on Machado.  If Yoan can get on base, he will be scoring a lot of runs hitting in front of guys like Jimenez and maybe Machado

Why would R Mac make this deal?  There is a lot of swing in miss in Gallo, but he is only going to be 25 this season and already has 2 seasons with 40 home runs.  Gallo also has 1B and LF eligibility, which is nice to have flexibility.  Moncada also strikes out a lot and had a similar on base percentage to Gallo last year as well.  R Mac currently has Ian Desmond and Alex Verdugo slotted into starting 1B and OF slots.  Gallo will slide in nicely to replace one of those two, which can be looked at as weak spots in his lineup.  Ian Desmond kind of stinks and Verdugo may use up minors eligibility before he has an everyday role with the Dodgers.

R Mac may be inclined to try and squeeze a prospect out of Rojo in this deal.  Overall, I believe Moncada will be a better player than Gallo, so it is going to depend on how these 2 owners value the almighty home run.  R Mac may want to try to squeeze another Cuban prospect out of these deal in the form of Lazaro Armenteros, who has plenty of upside but still a few years away from fantasy relevance.  Corey Ray or Michael Chavis may also fit here as a prospect Rojo is willing to give up as a sweetener in this deal.

And that is what the Doch is cooking.

Ryan’s trade for Lobman

Bad Dudes Trade:
Espinoza (submitted prior to being dropped)

X Rayz Trade:

Dudes get proven pitching/X Rayz get speed & upside

The Bad Dudes have never been known for their pitching but owner Mike Lobman understands the importance and is not one to shy away from a reclamation project which explains his interest in Archer.  Archer is now a former Ray and some might say a former ace so X-Rayz owner Mike Odom was more willing to listen than he might have been in previous seasons.  The Rayz were quick to ask for Reyes who could both help them now and in the future.  Despite being injury prone the Dudes were reluctant to give up their young ace caliber arm without a more substantial return so the two teams decided to work on a larger swap.  Knowing owner Odom’s perpetual love of speed, Lobman decided to make his shiny new toy Aldalberto Mondesi available and included him on his end of the deal.  The Dudes roster Machado (untouchable) and Bogarts (a Red Sock) at SS so that made the talented but unpredictable Mondesi expendable on their end and an attractive MI bat to the Rayz.  The ask from the Rayz was then the closer of Lobman’s former, or current, or uh possibly future favorite team the Mets.  Diaz had been deemed untouchable in the past but the closer position is one of the more volatile and replaceable in fantasy.  Odom has shown the ability to craft a strong bullpen from scratch and with Chapman still rostered his pen is far from that.  To even it out Lobman included San Diego’s Anderson Espinoza, a young but promising arm in the Padres system who Odom can hope blossoms into a front of the rotation player that he can watch in his own “Backyard”.


Brian drew the Bell Road Bears. Let’s get wild.

Bell Road Bears: trade 2B Jose Altuve, RP Kenley Jansen to

Rojo’s Renegade Force for SP Madison Bumgarner and LF/1B Joey Gallo. 


Alright alright, we know this is never happening, but hear me out. The Bears are a very good team built on sky-high OBP and better than you think pitching. I don’t care what happened last year; They’re very close to a championship, and the time is surely now. Altuve had a bit of a down year last year, and surely he’ll improve this year.. a bit. But he’s surplus to requirements in Bell Road. He’s always good for OBP, but the Bears already have that in spades . He’ll hit his XBH & dingers too. But the special thing about Altuve was always all of that pop with the speed. Those days may be drawing to a close. Altuve ran half as much last year- probably a smart move for his health- and the almost 30 year old in a lineup full of boppers has no reason to be tearing it up on the base-paths anymore.


Plus, Bell Road just made what I thought was an excellent trade to bring in speedster Jonathan Villar who now has zero competition for playing time and no reason not to do anything but run in what will be a bad Orioles lineup. 30 steals is the floor here. Could 500 AB send him north of 40? So between him and Zo Cain and Anderson, (and maybe Hampson too), Altuve’s speed isn’t really needed.


What is needed is a replacement for Joey Votto’s power, which has curiously declined… and while the OBP god will certainly have value, he seems a perfect match with the less selective eye but light tower power of Joey Gallo. Those were a quiet 40 bombs I guess? It’s weird that Gallo doesn’t get more love. He’s not the same old Joey Gallo – he’s learned how to go the other way and beat the shift, he’s closed some of the holes in his swing, and he’s making more contact than you might think. And for a guy like Gallo? Every ball he touches has a chance to of being launched into the stratosphere. Dude is gonna play all year and dude is gonna launch them into the stands. The Bears need those dongs and they’re better equipped than almost anyone to absorb the OBP hit, even though as I’ve stated above, I think that problem is on its way to being fixed. Joey Gallo’s power is special. It’s even worth trading an Altuve for.


Now comes the hard part. While it would take a highly unlikely total eclipse of the surgically repaired heart for Sean to trade one Kenley Jansen, I think deep down the Bears’ brass agrees with me that you ALWAYS TRADE THE RELIEVER. They can be replaced. Even great ones. The bears have always had a good statistical analysis team that is quick on the uptake. I have no doubt that they’ll find them some saves off the wire or through a trade. Rojo, on the other hand, needs to end this infernal saves punting strategy NOW and make a splash for Jansen to anchor the top of his pen. This league is too good to always start 1-0 down. The Renegades need the set it and forget it type of closer, and assuming his health issues are behind him? Jansen can be that guy for them.


The Renegade Force needs to take some gambles and could also use these exciting face of the franchise types. The consistency and high profile of Altuve and Jansen could be just what the doctor ordered.


Everyone wins- Rojo gets off the Holds bus and joins the modern game with a premier closer, gaining some much needed stability and status, while also betting on a big-time Altuve bounce back.  Rojo does have a strong 2B in Scooter Gennett. But the acquisition of Jose Altuve would mean that the Force can stop playing around with Asdrubal Cabrera and Ben Zobrist at MI and proudly place Altuve into the heart of their lineup.  Seeing as this might not be Rojo’s year, why not take the gamble and then if it doesn’t work out, flip one or both of these guys at the deadline to build up the middling Renegade minors ranks? If Altuve goes back to Mighty Mouse out-of-his-mind Altuve, then hell, maybe he leads the Renegades on a run and it is their year after all!


As far as Bumgarner? He’s been great, but he’s not getting any younger and he should be on a team that’s ready to win now. Rojo still has staff aces in the Klubot and obligatory RRF Asian Masahiro Tanaka. He should ship off Bumgarner while he can to a team that needs to make it happen nowish. Look, that injury was crazy but the Bum will be healthy this year and he’s always been a gamer. Whether or not he stays with the Giants it’s hard to imagine him not racking up the wins – wins that Sean desperately needs.


Sean gets the boost to the next level: The addition of Bumgarner to a staff that’s already pretty damn good, and the addition of Gallo’s prodigious power.  In a tight Backyard race, owners will necessarily be in matchups that come down to the wire. The feeling that a guaranteed quality start or win is on its way, or that a hitter can go deep in any at bat to pull back a category and get you over the line is priceless.


The shine is off Altuve and Bumgarner a bit; why not cleanse the palate and swap them where they’d be better fits? They’re both going to provide quality. Both Jansen and Gallo are two of the best at what they do; racking up saves and tattooing baseballs respectively. Flip them and let them do their thing where it will help the most.


-Slugmaster Smith


Doch’s trade for Greg


Greg was sad that I drew Rojo as my random pick of teams to make a trade for.  He thinly disguised this entire “article” just to get free trade advice from the People’s Champ.  Heroy realizes how disappointing his team has been in the AD era, an era in which he has never made the playoffs.  The guy only has Trout, Betts, Bryant, Rizzo, Trea Turner and Gerrit Cole on his roster, so I get how difficult it would be for a team of superstars like these guys to make the playoffs.  Come on Heroy, even Shane could manage this team to the playoffs.  Instead, Heroy has managed it to the ground.  Da Fuck you doing over in Ocean Gate man?

Well I guess it is time for me to give him his free advice he so eagerly wants, and clearly needs.

Let’s look at Heroy’s roster.  It appears to be pretty stacked on offense, and he has some good prospects waiting for their call ups.  He should trade from this strength and help his pitching staff which has a lot of question marks after Gerrit Cole, even though I admit to liking the upside on a guy or 3 in there.  He is going to be very fine up the middle of the infield for a long time.  He has young studs like Corey Seager, Trea Turner and big prospects like Brendan Rodgers, Nick Senzel, Luis Urias, Willy Adames and Carter Kieboom.  Seager and Turner aren’t going anywhere, but one of these prospects and a Dozier or Rosario is what he should be gauging a market on.  Dozier has had success in the past and may still hold a little value in a trade playing for his new team in Washington DC.  Amed Rosario was a big prospect who disappointed much of the year last year but ended the season strong and people may have some faith in him still outside of Greg.

Who can help out Heroy find some pitching?  Well there’s plenty of guys with some good pitching like R Mac and Brian.  R Mac has a pretty stacked squad, especially up the middle, and I don’t see him biting on any of the Fishing Club’s bait (see what I did there?).  Brian and Heroy might have a blood feud going on and probably will never make a deal, so let’s count him out too.  So, I don’t know, lets choose Shane to make a trade with, because he could use help in a few spots, including Shortstop.

Trade with Shane – Amed Rosario and Brendan Rodgers for Carlos Martinez

Heroy may not like this trade and may not want to give up Rosario and/or Rodgers for a pitcher with question marks around his elbow.  Carlos Martinez is a very good pitcher if he is healthy and still only 27 years old.  There are some question marks around that elbow of his right now, but it seems that the Cardinals believe he is healthy and will be back in the rotation this year despite finishing last year in the bullpen.  He can still be the ace of that Cardinals staff and the Cards always find ways to be relevant so that will equal tallies in the dying stat we have as a category, wins.

Why would Shane do this trade?  Well, simply put, no one should be off limits for Shane.  He has 5 wins in the last 2 seasons, only 3 wins AD, considering I did not join the league until week 3 of 2017.  Shane might have a tough time competing this season again and needs to be constantly looking to build for the future in this league.  Rosario had a rough OBP last season, but the 23-year-old had 8 triples and 24 stolen bases while having himself a nice little last few months of the season.  These are all things Rosario can build upon to become a solid fantasy contributor, especially if his steals and OBP numbers increase.

Greg received Brendan Rodgers as part of the Verlander deal, which was crucial in the Doch becoming the People’s Champ last season.  Rodgers can be a good player for the Morning Wood franchise.  He is a middle infield prospect with some good pop who will be calling the favorable hitting environment of Coors Field his home in the very near future.  This is the type of player that Shane should be willing to roll the dice on.

Shane will be getting two young hitters that he can plug in his lineup for a long time while Greg will be helping his pitching staff while not sacrificing much at all from what should be a good hitting squad.


Sean drew his old fantasy partner Odom

The easiest way to explain Sean’s trade is to show you the groupme conversation (I really hope these pictures show up on the blog, it makes this entire article worth it)


Sean McLaughlin

haha meant to get back to you on this and looked at @Odom’s roster last night and it’s like GUTTED

not sure I would know where to begin really. Go get Carlos Santana from the Bonerz for a bag of balls or something, @Odom

Greg Heroy

I will be sure to include that part in the article sir

bag of balls……

Sean McLaughlin


Greg Heroy


he could use those balls to hand out one to each of his thousand kids


keep them occupied

Sean McLaughlin


hahaha enjoy that line, keep the bag of balls in there for JUST that line. But also here I’ll give you some actual bleh prospects for an actual bleh trade: Santana for Seuly Matias and Christin Stewart





Odom picked Ryan aka The Unnamed Souljas
This man has crafted himself a FINE roster here and if you put a gun to my head (which you kinda did) and made me uhh “improve” on this stacked, deep roster FINE. Let’s get freakyyyy.

Unnamed Souljas Receive
Paul Goldschmidt, 1B

Renegades Receive
Giancarlo Stanton, OF

Bad Dudes Receive 
Clayton Kershaw, SP

MAYBE all three of these players could use a Backyard change of scenery after extensive stints with their respective clubs (I know Kershaw and Stanton are homegrown, forget if he traded for Goldy). A stacked UNS lineup could (I stress merely COULD) use an upgrade at 1B and Paul Goldschmidt would be a huge boost. The Renegades add a bopping corner outfielder in Stanton to supplement an already powerful lineup in an attempt to mash teams to death, while the Bad Dudes go against their grain and take a chance on an aging yet still dominant ace in an attempt to secure an elusive 3rd BCS crown.


I had the pleasure of finishing the remaining three teams. So here is my trade for Shane

Shane receives Forrest Whitley, Gleyber Torres and James Paxton

Rmac receives JD Martinez and Carlos Santana


This deal obviously won’t happen, but it is something that would help Shane turn the page on two disappointing seasons and look forward to the future. If he wanted to improve that roster in a hurry, he would look to move JD for multiple young pieces. In this scenario, he receives one of the exciting young bats in a productive lineup, along with a pitcher who misses bats in Paxton and one of the most lively young arms in the minors. Not shabby for one guy, these deals are out there Shane, explore them.


On the other hand, Ryan gets help in the two positions he has question marks on offense (his offense is fine, but the closest thing to question marks), RF and 1B. Even though losing someone like Gleyber would hurt, he has so much talent in the middle IF positions with Moncada, Correa and Javy Baez that he can afford to take the hit. Paxton wouldn’t be much of a loss either with the stable of arms he has piled already. Hoping for them all to stay healthy is the bigger question mark.


My trade for Doch


Doch receives Miguel Andujar and Shane Baz

T receives Verlander


In all honesty, I should say that Doch trades no one, because well why should he deal anyone from a championship winning team that is spotless with no weaknesses. The reason is because I want to do this article, which causes me to make a trade, so why not. The almighty ruler of the backyard (just until Labor Day) is actually fairly strong in the pitching department. I know Kopech is out, and then you wonder how long Greinke may be around for, and same goes for JV. I want to trade him, because well its fun to see him traded for a third straight season at least. So Doch deals from a strength to bolster the offense with a young stud in the making. Andujar can slide right into the starting role left by Carpenter when age finally catches up to that great beard and turns it gray (plug for Walt Frazier Rogaine commercial, should be in the BY advertising budget). Baz is just a minor arm to make the deal look good, and we all know Doch loves them young….his fantasy players of course. But Baz is really just a high upside arm that is thrown into the deal as a low risk option for his Dochness. MAGA


On the other side of the deal is T who is known to shake up his roster quite often, and a known JV stalker. He moves on from Andujar at the right time with trade rumors swirling him like he was Steve Irwin after searching for stingrays. He adds a piece to a questionable rotation that includes Keuchel who is currently without a job. He could certainly use the boost from a man who defies the aging process.


My trade for Brian

Clearly saved the best for last, and no I will not be predicting a top prospect going to Brian for an OK player this year. I think we all learned our lesson at this point. Instead, let’s look at what Brian could get from every team for Vlad:

Odom: Jose Ramirez (not much to choose from over there on the X-Rayz roster)

Doch: Ozzie Albies, Tatis Jr., and Casey Mize

Sean: Muncy, Ke’Bryan Hayes, Sixto

T: Matt Olson, Andujar and Brady Singer

Lobman: Mondesi, Victor Victor, and Morejon

Rmac: Moncada, Adell and Darvish

Rojo: Devers, Robles and Paddack

Greg: Dozer, Adames, Rodgers

Shane: Starling Marte


But really, here is my fake trade for Brian……

Brian receives Jose Abreu

Lobman receives Patrick Corbin and Taylor Trammell


These two teams are known trade partners, so this isn’t something out of the ordinary. Even though Brian finished the regular season at the top part of the pile last year, he STILL has NOTHING to show for it. This year, he decides to make a move early and hope it pays dividends when it actually matters. His offense somehow seems to produce with the likes of Jesus Aguilar, Suarez, and the new Tulo an always injured J-Don. He looks to replace some of the question marks with a player who has been a model of consistency since he came into the league. With the possibility of a strong lineup surrounding Abreu, Brian puts his chips into the middle and makes the move for that solid bat he so desperately longs for.

I know Lobman will be the first one to say he would never make this deal, but good thing I already made it for him, in this fantasy blog article that exists for about two days before everyone forgets it’s there. The reasoning behind it for the lovable second place losers is simple. He has plenty of production at other positions on offense, while he also has Alonso waiting in the wings and believes he can make up for the loss of Abreu. Plus he has openly come out and stated he is looking to add an arm, I know he would aim a lot higher than Patrick Corbin, but this is my world and this is who he gets.

This concludes a fun article that just about everyone in the league helped with input. I appreciate those that sent in their opinions and hate those that didn’t, this includes you T, Rojo and Shane. We are not afraid of calling anyone out since this blog is losing sponsors and needs something to attract readers.

FAKE TRADES (by all of us)

Trade Review: Holiday Edition

(Note: This isn’t holiday related in any way, shape, or form. I just wanted to continue to wage war on Christmas by saying Holiday. Carry on)

From the desk of Sean “Hannity” Dochney: 



Trade Reviews from October to December

By Sean Dochney


Sean #2 is back again to give his opinion on the trades that went down from October until now.  I know this is what everyone has been eagerly waiting for since the last time I dabbled in the blog, so without further ado…..

Barnegat Banana Slugs receive AJ Minter and Mike Soroka

Bellcrest Park Mooninites receive Marwin Gonzalez and Mitch Garver


AJ Minter – P ATL

24 years old

2017 Stats – MLB 15 IP, 3.00 ERA, 26 Ks, 15.6 SO/9, 1.2 BB/9

Minors (A-, A+, AA, AAA) 24.1 IP, 3.33 ERA, 11.1 SO/9, 4.4 BB/9

Possibly a nice little high minor holds guy for the beginning of next season.  Had a nice debut in a small sample size.  His K rates and Walk rates from his first cup of coffee may not be sustainable as evidenced by his minor league numbers, although he still had very good K rate in the minors.

Mike Soroka – P ATL

20 years old

2017 Stats – (AA) 11-8, 153.2 IP, 2.75 ERA, 125 Ks, 7.3 SO/9, 2.0 BB/9

This is a young arm that I personally like.  Soroka is a former first round pick who was one of the younger players in the Southern League last season, and pitched very effectively.  His K rates lead a lot to be desired, but he is still young and learning how to pitch.  Seems to have a ceiling of a solid mid rotation starter.  Will he be a fantasy stud?  Probably not, unless he increases his K rates, but he will be a solid option to have.  You all love your comparisons, so let’s say Kyle Hendricks potential, and if you don’t like that comp, then don’t ask next time (Looking at you other Sean).

Marwin Gonzalez – LF, SS, 1B, 2B, 3B HOU

29 Years Old Opening Day

2017 Stats – .303/.377/.530, .907 OPS, 67 Runs, 34 2Bs, 23 HRs, 90 RBIs, 8 SB

What a breakout performance by this guy.  Set career highs in just about every offensive category, and will carry position eligibility for 5 different positions heading into next season.  I get the feeling last season will be the best of his career, but there is still plenty of value in this guy if he can replicate those power numbers with all that position eligibility he possesses.


Mitch Garver – C MIN

27 Years Old Opening Day

2017 Stats – 46 Abs .196/.288/.348, 3 3Bs

Minors – (AAA) 88 Games, .291/.387/.541, .928 OPS, 29 2Bs, 17 HRs, 45 RBIs

Not so young catching prospect that still has 84 at bats of high minor eligibility.  Had some real good numbers in his 88 games in the minors last season, especially the power numbers.  We will see if that translates over to the Bigs.  Not a bad flier to take here if he is getting early season at bats for the Twins.  To be honest, I don’t know what the Twins depth chart at catcher looks like today, and it is also not worth my time to look up, but we will say maybe this guy can provide a little bit of value in the Backyard.


DOCnalysis (It’s almost like an analysis but better because it’s my opinion)

Marwin Gonzalez is the best player right now and Soroka is no slam dunk to be a fantasy stud, so we will say Sean wins this trade.  But who knows, if Marwin goes back to his 2015 or 2016 self, then he gets dropped and is nothing more then a streaming option.  If that’s the case, then Soroka will end up being the best player in this deal.  Either way, not a deal anyone was wowed by.  Could be a good case of Salty Smitty selling Marwin Gonzalez at his peak though, so I like it enough for both sides.  Salty Smitty is a nickname that might stick after the latest controversy after the referendum, I hope he doesn’t take me to seriously when I say this.  I encourage him to change his name to this on GroupMe, at least for times he is frustrated with the league or me.  Bitter Brian would also work.


Lacey Township Backdoor Sliderz receive Robbie Ray and Royce Lewis (Rights)

Point Loma X-Rays Receive Marcel Ozuna


Robbie Ray – SP ARI

26 Years Old

2017 Stats – 15-5, 162.0 IP, 2.89 ERA, 1.15 WHIP, 3.72 FIP, 218 Ks, 12.1 SO/9, 3.9 BB/9

News flash, Robbie Ray is a stud for fantasy.  Man, I love those Ks.  Two straight seasons at 218 Ks is nice to think about moving forward for the young starter.  I am a little concerned about the innings and if he will ever push 200 innings.  I am also not in love with his walk rate, but hey no one is perfect, not even me.  He averages under 6 innings per start, so that is not great, but he will still get his QS.   There are some red flags associated with Ray, especially in an age where pitchers make their living on the DL.  But whatever, fuck it, my pitching sucked at times last year and I really like those K rates.


Royce Lewis – SS MIN

18 Years Old

2017 Stats – (Rk and A) 54 games, .279/.381/.407, 54 Runs, 8 2Bs, 3 3Bs, 4 HRs, 27 RBI, 18 SB, 3 CS

First overall selection in the MLB Amateur Draft, but 10th overall selection in the draft that really matters (All Star Break Draft).  Way to small sample size to really care about his numbers, but I would say it was successful.  Seems like a prototype “Rays Ways” guys with his speed, and hopefully there is some power there as well.  He was taken first overall in the draft for a reason by people who know a lot more about baseball then us.  There is good value in this guy, even if it takes years for him to make it to the Show.  We all know how much Dochney likes his teenagers (Prospects! Get your heads out the gutter!), so he doesn’t mind being patient with this guy, and conveniently the minors slots just expanded.


Marcel Ozuna – LF STL

27 Years Old

2017 Stats- .312/.376/.548, .924 OPS, 93 Runs, 30 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 37 HRs, 124 RBI

Marcel Ozuna had a great season last year and is one of the better young sluggers in the game.  Ozuna made his second all star team last year but boy this felt like his true breakout campaign that included a lot of career highs.  He is not hitting in that Miami lineup anymore, but he will still have plenty of RBI opportunities in St. Louis.  His OBP kind of came out of nowhere and I think it will drop a little bit.  He did have a career high BABIP at .355, which ranked 9th in the league.  This is awesome, but will he keep this up after a .296 BABIP in 2016? I don’t have the answer, probably why I traded him.  I do think he is capable of duplicating 60 XBH and 100 RBI, and I would guess Odom would be very ok with that.



Well I always want to side with myself when writing about my trades, but having a little trouble on this one.  I think Odom and I both sold high on young guys who had stellar seasons.  Will Ray keep up his sub-3 era? I am going to say very unlikely.  Will Ozuna have a .370 OBP with 120 RBI?  I am guessing he won’t do that either.  Royce Lewis was the kicker for me to accept this deal, but that doesn’t mean I won this deal.  I will say Odom won this because I find hitters more valuable and the injury risks associated with pitchers scare the shit out of me.  Good job Odom.


Bellcrest Mooninites Receive Aroldis Chapman

Point Loma X-Rays Receive Justin Smoak and MacKenzie Gore


Aroldis Chapman – CP NYY

30 Years Old

2017 Stats – 22 saves, 3.22 ERA, 2.56 FIP, 50.1 IP, 69 SO, 12.3 SO/9, 3.6 BB/9

Chapman is an elite reliever (and elite wife beater), we know he has been for quite a while.  Last season was somewhat of a disappointment to his own standards last year, but he is still very good, and will be closing for a very good team that just injected more power into their lineup.


Justin Smoak – 1B TOR

31 Years Old

2017 Stats – .270/.355/.529, .883 OPS, 85 Runs, 29 2Bs, 1 3B, 38 HRs, 90 RBI

Breakout performers on the move have been the theme of offseason trades, and the theme continues with Smoak.  The most impressive thing to me about his 2017 is the drop in K %, which sat at 20.1%.  In 2016 that K % was 32.8%.  I have no idea how this would explain his increase in isolated power, or the 24 more bombs he hit, but I was impressed anyway when I came across this stat.  Will Smoak keep up his breakout?  I am skeptical, but I get the feeling Odom cares a lot more about MacKenzie Gore in this trade anyway.


MacKenzie Gore – SP SDP

19 Years Old

2017 Stats – Rookie Ball 0-1, 21.1 IP, 1.27 ERA, 34 Ks, 14.3 SO/9, 3.0 BB/9

Why would Odom want a guy that doesn’t have a single win in his entire professional career, fucking terrible!  Obviously just kidding, talent is oozing out of the number 4 overall draft pick in the most recent MLB Amateur Draft.  Looks like he was only allowed to go 3 innings in each start of the extremely small sample size of his professional career.  The youngster will get a larger body of work next year, and the hope is the high Ks will follow him as he goes up the chain.  This guy has an extremely high ceiling for Odom’s now home town San Diego.  I hate comps, but let’s compare him to – ehhh –  I don’t know Robbie Ray, who Odom just traded.

Chapman is such an elite reliever that it looks like he had a bad season last year.  Maybe Yankee fans are just spoiled and overreact about this guy, maybe he is starting to flame out a bit as he ages.  Either way I would love to have Chapman on my roster next year.  I don’t believe in Smoak, but I certainly believe in Gore, and I don’t care if that is an inconvenient truth for some of you (see what I did there?).  Smoak could easily hit waivers by midseason, and we will not see Gore for years, so I guess I will side with Sean receiving Chapman here as the winner, for now (see 2-year rule).


Point Loma X-Rays Receive Nicholas Castellanos and Jay Bruce

Q-Tip City Morning Wood Receive Evan Longoria, Adam Duvall and 4th pick ASB


Nicholas Castellanos – 3B DET

26 Years Old

2017 Stats – .272/.320/.490, .811 OPS, 73 Runs, 36 2Bs, 10 3Bs, 26 HRs, 101 RBIs

Hey, solid year Castellanos, the 10 3Bs shocked me, but I guess it is spacious up there in Detroit.  He is still young and was a big prospect few years ago, and the hope is he can build off last season.  Castellanos is solid moving forward, and a good replacement for Longoria in Point Loma.


Jay Bruce – RF FA

31 Years Old

2017 Stats –  .256/.324/.508, .832 OPS, 82 Runs, 29 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 36 HRs, 101 RBI

The one-dimensional free agent did what he does year in and year out, which is provide power.  Odom will gladly take that power on his roster, and we know exactly what the consistent Bruce provides.


Evan Longoria – 3B SFG

32 Years Old

2017 Stats –  .261/.313/.424, .737 OPS, 71 Runs, 36 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 20 HRs, 86 RBIs

Little shocked Odom traded his boy here, but boy was it time to trade him after a down year.  Odom will hold his head high that Longoria was on his championship roster, but it was time to move on.  2016 was a great season for Longoria, so it is not out of the question he bounces back in 2018, but I do believe his best days are behind him, especially now that he is playing his home games in San Francisco.


Adam Duvall – LF CIN

29 Years Old

2017 Stats – .249/.301/.480, .781 OPS, 78 Runs, 37 2Bs, 3 3Bs, 31 HRs, 99 RBIs

I like Adam Duvall, even reminds me a lot of Jay Bruce.  The power numbers are there to make a difference, but the OBP numbers suck and will probably stay that way.  Let’s see what I wrote about Duvall last time I contributed to the blog, which may have been in like I don’t know September.

Duvall is underrated in this league because his OBP sucks.  But OBP is just 1 category, and Duvall helps a lot in the counting stat categories.  He may not be sexy, but he instantly becomes the X*Rays top slugger on his roster.  And Odom won the league (albeit controversially) while having the 9th ranked OBP in the league.  Adam Duvall is no fluke either, this is the 2nd year in a row he is a full-time starter, and the 2nd year in a row that he will have over 30 2Bs, 30 HRs, and 100 RBIs.  Duvall is good, and plays in the hitter friendly confines of Great American Ballpark.  He will be 29 for most of next season as well.  Contrary to popular belief, he is not the same player as teammate Scott Schebler.  Duvall is a good power bat who will keep benefitting from hitting behind the Walking Red, which guarantees Duvall to have more and more RBI opportunities.  (Whatever Duvall been slumping and moved down the lineup and is not batting behind Votto right now, don’t ever fact check my claims!)

(He didn’t quite get to those 100 RBI)



Duvall and Bruce kind of cancel each other out in my mind.  Castellanos might be better than old man Longoria moving forward, but I don’t know, maybe Longoria goes back to 2016 form and is better.  I like that Shane thought about the future and got an ASB draft pick here, so I will side with Shane in this deal since the players are close to each other talent wise.  Odom did unload an aging player in Longoria, so I do like that, but not sure he needed to give up the draft pick to do so.  YES, I VALUE DRAFT PICKS AND WILL NOT OVERLOOK THEM IN MY WRITINGS.  Don’t care if these draft picks are years away from fantasy relevance, I am a firm believer in always restocking your pipeline and acquiring up talent, even if that talent is simple trade bait.  This is more true to me now that we have 10 minors slots.


Astoria Isotopes Receive Stephen Gonsalves

Ocean Gate Trout Fishing Club Receive 6th draft pick in Spring Draft


Stephen Gonsalves – SP MIN

23 Years Old

2017 Stats – (AA, AAA) 9-5, 3.27 ERA, 1.13 WHIP, 110.0 IP, 118 Ks, 9.7 SO/9, 2.5 BB/9

Solid pitching prospect, K rates were a little better in minors then I thought and walk rate is solid.  Should debut in Minnesota this season, and time will tell as to how smooth a transition that will be.



This was a move Heroy made to position himself in the upcoming Spring Draft.  We will hold judgement on the deal until we see what Heroy does, because I do think there are more exciting prospects available in that draft when compared to Gonsalves.  With that said, Gonsalves will presumably be making and impact quicker then whoever is taken in the Spring Draft.


Ocean Gate Trout Fishing Club Receive Josh Hader, Kyle Hendricks, and 5th Spring pick

Lacey Township Backdoor Sliderz Receive Gregory Polanco, Steven Matz and 6th Spring Pick


Josh Hader – P MIL

24 Years Old

2017 Stats – 12 Holds, 2.08 ERA, 0.99 WHIP, 3.03 FIP, 47.2 IP, 68 Ks, 12.8 SO/9, 4.2 BB/9

AAA Stats – 12 Starts, 5.37 ERA, 1.54 WHIP, 52.0 IP, 51 Ks, 8.8 SO/9, 5.4 BB/9

The curious case of Josh Hader.  He had high K rates but troubling walk rates.  He was lights out coming out of the pen last season as a rookie, but was not so good as a starter in AAA.  Looking at the numbers, looks like those control issues may keep him in the bullpen and out of the rotation, but I would expect he gets a shot to be a starter again at some point.  Will he be successful is the big question though?  He might be destined for a role in the bullpen.


Kyle Hendricks – SP CHC

28 Years Old

2017 Stats – 7-5, 3.03 ERA, 1.19 WHIP, 3.88 FIP, 139.2 IP, 123 Ks, 7.9 SO/9, 2.6 BB/9

I really like Kyle Hendricks.  He does not possess elite K numbers, and I think he gets overlooked a lot because of that.  But he has been pitching so well the last few seasons and is a guy that will pick up QS, low era, and wins for a very good Cubs team.  Without great K numbers though, a bad month might mean he hits the waiver wire and bounces around as a streaming option.


Gregory Polanco – RF, LF PIT

26 Years Old

2017 Stats – .251/.305/.391, .695 OPS, 39 Runs, 20 2Bs, 11 HRs, 35 RBIs

Polanco had a good 2016 that the young outfielder looked like he was going to build on heading into 2017.  Things did not go according to plan and injuries slowed him down greatly.  The once top prospect still has plenty of talent, and the hope here is he hasn’t had his true break out yet.


Steven Matz –  SP NYM

26 Years Old

2017 Stats – 2-7, 6.08 ERA, 1.53 WHIP, 5.05 FIP, 66.2 IP, 48 Ks, 6.5 SO/9, 2.6 BB/9

Not going to waste my time talking about Matz because I already dropped him.  His numbers and peripherals were terrible last year in an injury riddled season, which seems to be a Mets theme for as long as I can remember.



Well I like Polanco the most in this deal, but he has a lot to prove still.  Hendricks has probably proven himself to be the most polished in the deal, and Hader still has plenty of upside if he can get those control issues fixed a bit.  I’ll side with Heroy as the winner of this deal right now, but that can change in my mind if Hader stays in bullpen and Polanco builds off his 2016 season.

Trade Review: Holiday Edition

Draft Rights: The Next Step


Who wants the next version of Cuban superstar prospects? You? WELL YOU HAVE YOUR SHOT

– June 19, 2017

And now some Minor League news from your Minor League Coordinator:


Hello “friends”. I’ve been dragging my feet a bit on this, mostly because I’ve been fairly busy with some real life (SAD!) stuff, so I have finally gotten to a computer to do work, and this is what I’ve decided to start with. Without Further ado:

THURSDAY 7/13 Draft Rights Player Draft Guidelines:

  • Draft start time is TBD
  • YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO. I understand some of you do not really care too much for this process, and you may simply decide to not risk anything and just PASS on your picks. This makes my life easier, and allows this process to move quickly.
  • Draft will be 3 Rounds – Drafted in a fixed 1-10 fashion (based off of last season’s regular season record)
  • You may only have (3) draft rights players at a time. This means you must make a decision on your currently owned players prior to drafting.
    • If you decide to keep any of your rights players, you will forfeit your picks in the draft in descending order (3,2,1) depending on how many players you keep.
    • Deadline for decisions on currently owned players will be Sunday (7/9) prior to the draft at 11:59 pm.
    • If you renounce the rights to your draft rights player, they will be available in the draft. If they’re not drafted, they are ineligible to be selected in any form until they show up in the system, or the offseason draft.
    • An updated spreadsheet of rights players will be provided.
  • A spreadsheet with draft order (full with trades and such) will be provided within the next day or so. Maybe even today I don’t know.
  • Obviously, trades are acceptable for draft rights picks and players. There have already been a few. Picks for the offseason draft are also available to be traded. This is already being tracked, and a spreadsheet will be provided in short order.
  • Unattached players ARE eligible to be drafted but with the following conditions:
    • If a player is drafted in this year’s draft rights draft, they MUST sign with an organization by 7/13/18. If they are not attached to a team by that time, they will be released back into the pool for the next year’s draft.
    • This is not negotiable. This is a risk that you take for picking this player. You are being warned.
  • Again, just a little refresher on the draft rights process:
    • If you draft a player, you are obligated to make a decision on his roster status for your team the second he is found to be available in the ESPN player pool.
    • You are free to add him or decline and send him back to the player pool.
    • If you add this player, you will use your waiver spot. Your waiver spot will be used REGARDLESS of whether we notice a player is on or off waivers at the time.
    • If you relinquish the rights to a player, he’s available (via waivers or free agency) to the rest of the league.
    • Its simple, really.

Ok, so there may be added questions, but I will help streamline the process as much as I can, once I get any questions or comments. But I think we’re pretty clear on the process, and enjoying just how complex and convoluted we could make this league.


QUESTIONS? COMMENTS? PLAUDITS? Please bring it up on the chat!


Hugs and Kisses,


Draft Rights: The Next Step

10 Teams In 10 Days: #2 River City Bad Dudes

Bad Dudes
This fuckin’ guy…..



KNOW YOUR OWNER!:  Lobman! That motherfucker. I sort of view Lobman as the matriarch of this particular group, only because it’s fun to call him a (hairy) woman. And UNFORTUNATELY personal attacks aside he is a strong competitor year in and year out, and this year should be no different. In his spare time Lobman enjoys losing like a lot of weight and exchanging Jeeps for newer Jeeps every. fucking. year. MAYBE LOOK INTO A HYBRID VEHICLE? You burgeoning vegetarian piece of shit. BEST OF LUCK TO DICKHEAD LOBMAN IN THE UPCOMING SEASON! (Also please note this post says “by Mike Lobman” because Lobman CLEARLY tried to get in here and interfere with my hard-hitting #analysis and bungle it up all to shit. SAD! And also TYPICAL LOBMAN! But yea, that didn’t happen so this post remains un-compromised unfiltered truth haymakers right into your fucking facehole.)



KEY ADDITIONS!:  SP Danny Salazar, RP Wade Davis, RP Craig Kimbrel, SP/RP Joe Kelly, SP Steven Matz maybe, LF Michael Brantley maybe but probably not



KEY SUBTRACTIONS!:  Their Cuban identity, SS Troy Tulowitzki I guess maybe



THE HITTERS!:  The Bad Dudes have a core lineup that can compete with anyone. There I said it. The prize jewel I GUESS would be Bryce Harper, the guy who had the best season since Bonds in 2015 and then came back down to Earth a bit in 2016 but made sure to steal 21 bags just to try and make up the difference for fantasy owners. He will be very good for a very long time and should remain in Lobman’s clutches forever. Equally entrenched is Manny Machado , whom is also really really good, and the Orioles keep gifting him with SS eligibility which certainly helps his standing…. let’s call himmm a top 10 bat. Giancarlo Stanton is here and if he ever stayed healthy who knows how many goddamn HRs he could hit, he hit a HR in the WBC that had a 117.3 mph exit velocity. Which is ridiculous. And now with less September in our fantasy seasons (Giancarlo loves missing September games) the Bad Dudes should benefit. Jose Abreu is a very good fantasy 1B, Rougned Odor is a great fantasy 2B (33 HRs in spite of a sub .300 OBP in 2016), Hanley Ramirez and Xander Bogaerts are two very productive fuckfaces, YOU GET THE IDEA. Oh and also Nomar Mazara, David Dahl, and Wilson Contreras are all young players with the potential to be quite good quite soon. River City is in good shape on the hitting side of things is what I am saying. Save for their currently messy utility situation and Yuli Gurriel, who is old and shittier than several of the third base options currently just sitting there in the FA pool.


Image result for carlos martinez

THE ROTATION!:  This rotation, this rotation has received a nice little face lift this offseason. It is not without questions but it also holds promise. The title of staff ace would seem to go to young Cards righty Carlos Martinez, fresh off a 20 QS 2016. He is joined by other young pitchers who have the possibility to be great and the possibility to have “young pitcher” type struggles, such as AL East arms Kevin Gausman and Marcus StromanSonny Gray will be back and Lobman will hope he doesn’t suck again, as will Jameson Taillon whom I love and not just cuz he is named like the whiskey. JAMESON TAILLON SHALL BE GREAT. But those aren’t the new additions I alluded to, the new additions are Danny Salazar  (Lobman’s beloved) and Steven Matz whom were acquired in Shane’s “new owner fire sale” and “new owner quest to get rid of the 80 Mets on his team,” respectively. And hey maybe Tyson Ross makes an epic comeback in 2017, which would be poetic as he helped the Cuban Missiles (RIP) capture the chip in 2015. Since this is Lobman’s team/my Week 1 opponent I can’t end any section without critiquing it, so let me just add the OVERALL LIST here has as much performance risk as any rotation in the league. Really C-Mart is the only guy I would fully trust here. PS fuck Stroman, he’s a midget and he will have average numbers across the board because he is average.


Image result for wade davis cubs

THE BULLPEN!:  The Bad Dudes BP is quietly solid as we head into the 2017 season, perhaps not as FLASHY as some other bullpens with higher ceilings but with a very very high floor. As long as Wade Davis avoids arm issues he will be a great addition to River City, racking up saves and strikeouts for baseball’s best team. Roberto Osuna has shown himself to be a capable closer in his 1.5 seasons in the role, one with a 97 mph fastball. Which is helpful. Francisco Rodriguez should remain a capable veteran closer for at least a while longer, ALTHOUGH (cue critique) father time is clearly coming for him and if his peripherals continue to dip and he loses effectiveness there’s arms in the Tigers system waiting for the job (but just one really, it belongs to Joe Jimenez). With a 22% K rate in 2016 K-Rod is K-Rod no more is what I am trying to inform you people. Lobman went and got Craig Kimbrel which totally ruined my critique, Kimbrel is good and will rack up saves and approach 100 Ks if healthy AND YEA WE GET IT. And so now TO END ON ANOTHER POSITIVE NOTE, the ever-competent (there’s that word again) Lobman made a quietly excellent pick in our “first year player draft” and brought in Joe Kelly, SP eligible Red Sawx reliever. Kelly could very well end up being very valuable in 2017, injuries in the Sawx pen already have him lined up as Kimbrel’s top setup man to begin the season and that is a role he can thrive in all year long. A real smart draft pick from a real smart owner. Now to reverse course and END ON A NEGATIVE NOTE, if you are trying to maximize the value of an SP-eligible reliever you really need your 4 relief spots filled up and the Bad Dudes at press time only have the 3 guys above. So they should remedy that because they are better than this NOPE that sonofabitch went ahead and grabbed high minors eligible RP Dan Altavilla, a guy most of us have probably never heard of that looks set up to open as the Mariners top setup man. FUCK do I ever hate it when Lobman does something smart with his roster (at least he still has Yulieski).


THE OUTLOOK!:  TO THEIR DESERVING CREDIT the Bad Dudes added some solid rotational pieces this offseason, all without giving up much of anything of value (the loss of their cuban identity probably their biggest offseason subtraction). That could bode well for a team that FAMOUSLY had to put together a flurry of deadline trades (trading their dignity among other pieces) just to grab a few arms for their title run in 2015. They followed that title up with yet another run to the championship round, as a 6 seed no less, and this team has enough talent and managerial competence to become only the 2nd team ever to appear in 3 straight championships. OF COURSE the first team to do so won all 3 of those but yanno…..I’m sure you are all aware of that. Anyways the Bad Dudes should be a handful again in 2017, they have shown they know how to win and have a strong core. Blind affinity for Yuli Gurriel will be their downfall, I hope, because I have spent the better part of this preview putting that (old) man down.



SEAN’S PREDICTION!:  11-6-1, 3rd place.

10 Teams In 10 Days: #2 River City Bad Dudes

On the Farm

(Lobman’s Note: Soooo everyone, someone decided to grace us with some #content for the blog. After much formatting issues and margaritas THANKS SEAN, I have decided to really put this together so Brian could have himself a good read. And guys, it’s like 5000 words or so. I have left this bitch raw, but I have decided to put my input from time to time. But without further ado)


Written by: Gregory P Heroy


-With our newly improved minor league system now set in place after our First Year Player Draft, I figured it was the best time to take a look at everyones current minor league situation. I will review each team’s high minors, low minors and Draft Rights’ Players, with MLB.com’s prospect rankings (and only their rankings, who do you think I am Sean? I don’t have the time to research a million articles for fluff, this shit is all my opinions, so its 100% FACT). I will add in my thoughts, and how each player fits into the future for that team. I know we still have a little over a month until rosters need to be set, so I won’t try to penalize teams for not having their minors filled out just yet, but it will come into consideration with overall grades. Now onto the good stuff:

The teams listed are in no particular order, other than from ESPN’s drop down list

(Lobman’s note: Its fucking shitty to use MLB.com’s rankings, because they’re, in fact, bad. But OK let’s do this)


Springfield Isotopes

The ‘Topes decided to give this young guy a shot
Level Player MLB.com Ranking  
High Minors Josh Bell 27 128 AB’s
  Aaron Judge 45 84 AB’s
  Manuel Margot 23 37 AB’s
  Mauricio Cabrera NR 38.1 IP
Low Minors Cody Bellinger 12  
  Erick Fedde 60

High Minors: To start, the Topes have some decent talent in their high minors system. Josh Bell is only ranked 27, but had a nice start to his MLB career last year with the Pirates. He burst onto the scene with a grand slam, but also had his struggles along the way, mainly in the field. Which cost him a lot of AB’s which may be a good thing for the Topes since he is still minor league eligible. He will need to sure up his defense if he looks to get consistent AB’s on the Pirates team this year, and only has 2 AB’s left of minor league eligibility. So that will be another bench bat for the Topes after his first game.

They also just acquired Margot to add some steals to their repertoire, and he should help them in CF with his DRS metric…. right fantasy baseball here. He should get them some steals that this team desperately needs. Back to the power side that this team is more known for, Aaron Judge. Let’s just say Aaron Judge can hit some monster homeruns, but the most intriguing storyline following Judge this year is if he can hit at least 10 less homers than Bryce Harper. There is a nice $100 bet riding on the fact that he can’t and won’t. Mauricio Cabrera is on the roster since he can get some holds, and keeps his minor eligible status for now. He is on a bad team with at least two other pieces in front of him to garner saves.

Low Minors: This won’t take long. The Topes are notorious for not knowing players born from 1986 on, and it shows with his low minors and draft rights players on his roster. Cody Bellinger isn’t a bad player to own, he has power from the 1B position and the Dodgers have an eye for talent and developing them into stars over recent years. The Topes were also able to pick up Erick Fedde in the FYPD that took place over the weekend. Another promising piece for the future that has a chance to show up in Washington as early as this year, especially with the Nats other top pitching prospects out of the picture.

Draft Rights Players: None

Overall Minor Grade: C-

Even though the Topes have a few nice pieces in the high minors, the cupboard is only half full in the low minors, and completely bare when it comes to any DRP’s. The fact that Bell only has 2 AB’s remaining doesn’t help his case, and I’m not sold on anyone else being a true difference maker moving forward.


River City Bad Dudes

Bryce Harper: Cuban Style
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Frankie Montas NR 15 IP
Low Minors Vlad Guerrero Jr. 34
Ahmed Rosario 5
Francis Martes 20
Yadier Alvarez 49
Joe Jimenez NR
Amir Garrett 66
DRP Lazarito Armenteros NR

High Minors: The Bad Dudes only have one player in their high minors system, and they aren’t a very exciting “prospect”. Frankie Montas wasn’t picked up to be a stud but to fill a need. He is a minor eligible holds guy, so he fits the bill for the team from River City.

Low Minors: This is the meat of the farm system (pun not intended, but works nicely) for the Dudes. Rosario is the headliner of the group and at a premium position, for the Dudes favorite team nonetheless. He finally put it altogether this past year in the minors and showed why he deserves the top 5 ranking. One to watch for the future and can slot into the starting lineup once he comes up. To reminisce for a moment, I remember watching a guy hit a ball that bounce to the plate over the wall for a homerun, and then throw someone out at the plate from RF on the fly. That man was fun to watch, and that man now has a kid coming up in the Blue Jays system. Mikey T would be able to tell you all about Vlad Guerrero, since that was the last time he watched baseball. Back to the Bad Dudes, there are already tales about the kid hitting balls out of stadiums. Who knows what Vlad Jr. can become, but if its half what his dad was, he will be a good one. To compliment his young bats, Lobman also has some power arms in the system. Francis Martes is a hard thrower who really took a step forward in 2016 after struggling in the early part of the season. Alvarez looks to be a future pen piece for the Dodgers, and the same can be said for Joe Jimenez. With the value of bullpen pieces skyrocketing in The Backyard, those are two arms to keep an eye on. Amir Garrett profiles as a nice middle of the rotation arm, and has the opportunity to compete for the 5th rotation spot this year with the Reds.

DRP: Nicknamed “The Cuban Bryce Harper” was all the Bad Dudes needed to hear to spend their third round pick on Armenteros. With not much out on this guy, all I know is that he has a nickname that makes me think he will be the next Yasiel Puig. Sell high.

Overall Minor Grade: B+

The Bad Dudes boast one of the top hitting prospects at a premium position and a power arm that will end up in the top end of the rotation. To top that off, they have some intriguing pen pieces for now and the future.


Main St. Mooninitez

Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Dan Vogelbach NR 12 AB’s
Carl Edwards Jr. NR 36 IP
Grant Dayton NR 26.1 IP
Alex Reyes 14 46 IP
Low Minors Lewis Brinson 18
Mitch Keller 48
Michael Soroka 78
Kolby Allard 53
David Paulino 54
DRP AJ Minter NR

High Minors: We all know the story behind Alex Reyes, but to rub it into Sean’s hippy wounds a little more, LET US DISCUSS MORE. Reyes was destined for the Cardinals rotation and to dominate the NL Central this year. Sean was envisioning a boatload of strikeouts and still had a few IP left of minor league eligibility, BUT he went down for the season and now Wacha won’t become a holds eligible SP. Since the Moonz loves to use the system to aid him in the current season, he has a few holds players on the roster. Nothing flashy about them, but they are there for a purpose and serve that purpose well. They also recently traded for Dan Vogelbach, and I don’t think we really need to discuss him, ON WE GO.

Low Minors: If this was written a week ago, Sean would get my full support of his low minors for owning a future stud. That stud was shipped out of town with another promising prospect for Keon Broxton. Back on track of what he does have, stock in the Braves pitching coaches. Since he went crazy and picked up three overall (2 low minors) Braves prospects. It is well publicized that the Braves have a lot in their minor levels, so Sean is banking that his curse is only on Cardinal’s prospects. Insert Oscar Taveras jokes here, followed by Alex Reyes elbow pictures. To pile on top of the old saying, “You can never have enough pitching”, the Moonz also added Mitch Keller and David Paulino to their growing stable. I like both of those young fellows and it sure seems anything the Pirate’s touch turns to gold. So Keller is someone to watch in the next few years. The cream of the crop is Lewis Brinson. Brinson has shown flashes through his time in the minors. From climbing the ladder from High A ball to AAA in the same year, but then showing he isn’t quite ready, .280 OBP at AA last year. After being dealt to the Brewers at the deadline, he was red hot in AAA and should get his chance to start for the lowly Brew Crew.

DRP: AJ Minter is another one of those Braves pitching “prospects” that I honestly don’t know much about. He is a reliever that pitched at 3 levels of the minors last year and had a very nice K rate. Not someone who is going to move the needle.

Overall Minor Grade: B-

Sean gets saved from receiving a C because of his depth in the minors and having Alex Reyes. One of the many pitchers he has on the roster, has to turn into something just based off percentages (I’m not researching the percentage of pitching prospects to turn into something, you can do that if you are so inclined). Brinson and Reyes are top prospects that will be contributing by next year.


Rojo’s Resurgence

At least he has beans. Beans in this case is Tom Murphy
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Tom Murphy NR 44 AB’s
Andrew Toles NR 105 AB’s
Ty Kelly NR 58 AB’s
Edubray Ramos NR 40 IP
Chris Beck NR 25.1 IP
Low Minors Kyle Tucker 35
Corey Ray 30

High Minors: While the first edition of this was being written, the Resurgence had an abundance of high minors players, and some that served a pretty good purpose. Things have since changed with a shakeup from management earlier today. The Resurgence had a useful speedster that hit for good average in Andrew Toles, but he was shown the pink slip earlier today. So was Ty Kelly, and the only reason that upset me is because I had a joke that his age almost matched his number of AB’s (there I still fit the joke in anyway!). With those two gone it leaves Rojo with two minor league eligible relievers that will attain holds. It seems that is how a lot of teams are using their high minors these days. It makes sense for a man who is already losing every week he begins without a closer on his roster. He also has Tom Murphy, and well he seems to be a bench bat with the addition of Stephen Vogt earlier today.

Low Minors: Until the draft, the Resurgence were even more scared of the idea of getting younger than the aging Isotopes. With a new format, brings new ideas. Rojo was able to pluck two prospects ranked in the 30s which isn’t an easy feat at this point. A decent amount of teams loaded up on prospects after the Trout Fishing Club won their first ever title, be happy that is the first selfish plug so far. Although neither prospect will be confused for Mike Trout or Mookie Betts or Kris Bryant, they are a start for the Resurgence on their quest to find their Surgence.

Overall Minors Grade: D-

I don’t like failing anyone, especially if there is effort being put forth. Since Rojo finally added some low minors players in the draft, he avoids the daunting F. He still needs his parents to sign his test so they know how terrible he is doing to this point. Everyone is responsible!


Barnegat Banana Slugs

Actually, The Slugs did NOT end up with this guy
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Robert Gsellman NR 44.2 IP
Matt Strahm NR 22 IP
Low Minors Tyler Beede 88
Franklin Barreto 52
Tyler O’Neill 36
Derek Fisher 83
Kyle Lewis 29
DRP Zack Collins 81


High Minors: The Banana Slugs have a couple of very useful high minors in their system. With Gsellman, you get a Jacob DeGrom clone. Literally. He wants to be just like Jake, take a look at that hair. He can also pitch like DeGrom, when DeGrom was healthy. Since they are both Mets, I bet they don’t stay healthy. Still useful at this point though. Strahm is going to be extended this spring to become a starter, so we will see how this experiment works out. Last year he was a strikeout machine that got holds. As a minor leaguer in our system, that is as good as it gets.

Low Minors: Don’t let the MLB.com rankings fool you. The highest rated player is Kyle Lewis at 29, but Brian has had an eye for talent for quite a while. This is where I show Mikey T a proper segue. SPEAKING OF KYLE LEWIS, he was a top pick in the draft and had a great start with power and speed combo, until he went down for the remainder of the season with an injury. It will be interesting to see how he bounces back, but I think he will be fine. He is young and athletic. Other young and athletic talent on the roster is Franklin Barreto, a middle infielder with double digit power and plenty of speed to boot. These kind of players are hard to come by, so we will see if Franklin can make his skills translate to the majors when his name is called. Possibly flanking Lewis in the Mariners OF one day is Tyler O’Neill. He has shown plenty of pop throughout the minors, and may get his chance at a call-up at some point this year for the M’s. Brian keeps the talent coming with Derek Fisher. Another OF on the fringe of the majors with a nice power/speed combo. Instead of talking about Tyler Beede’s year at AA Richmond, I will just leave you with this: https://t.co/8b67RDwzCS?ssr=true

DRP: The only player designated with the DRP on the BS roster is Zack Collins. Another lower rated prospect whose numbers seem to show he should be ranked higher. The BS have an eye to the future with the selection of Collins. Martin is getting up there in age, and it seems Brian already his replacement waiting in the wings.

Overall Minors Grade: B

This is a very solid group when put together. The combination of power and speed from almost every player can have the Banana Slugs back to losing the Championship game in no time.


Point Loma X-Rayz

Can Keanu Reeves hit a homer tho?
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Roman Quinn NR 57 AB’s
Charlie Tilson NR 2 AB’s
AJ Cole NR 47.2
Low Minors Ozzie Albies 10
Willy Adames 21
Jorge Mateo 47
Victor Robles 7
DRP Delvin Perez 91

High Minors: For a team that normally relies heavily on their high minors to fill out their major league roster, it seems fairly light at this point. Roman Quinn is a player I have personally been waiting to get his shot in the Bigs. He is exciting and loves to steal every chance he gets. Although, he doesn’t get many chances because he has an extensive injury history that cannot be ignored. He played his most games in a season this year with a combined 92. He can steal plenty of bases when he plays, but don’t expect him to play too many games. Tilson was destined to start the season as the starting CF of the White Sox, until he also got injured. It sounds as if it isn’t anything serious, and if that is the case, he will provide the man from Point Loma with some more speed. Since we all know that is his weak area….The X-Rays also have AJ Cole sitting in their high minors, but only for another 2.1 innings.

Low Minors: What a difference a week makes for the PLXR. They were able to add a pair of top ten prospects via trades in Robles and Albies. Both players carry plenty of risk, but also plenty of reward if they pan out as expected. To go along with a few common themes of the X-Rayz minor league system, he has some more speed demons at the premium middle infield positions. Willy Adames, Jorge Mateo and DRP Delvin Perez all bring the speed element that X-Rayz management builds their team around.

Overall Minors Grade: B+

The X-Rayz almost adjusted the curve with the first A, but I am not one to buy into the ranking for Albies. Among other reasons, Robles carries a ton of risk, even though I believe he will still be a useful piece if he doesn’t reach superstar levels. Also, the one area where the X-Rayz need help is the power department, and these players will only help him extend his current all-time steals record.


Pine Lake Punchouts

Would you believe that this FUCKING dude is the #1 prospect?
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Andrew Benintendi 1 105 AB’s
Yoan Moncada 2 19 AB’s
Low Minors Rafael Devers 17
Austin Meadows 9
Anderson Espinoza 25
Blake Rutherford 37
Jason Groome 41
Alex Verdugo 61

High Minors: You know your high minors is set when your worst player is the second ranked prospect in all of baseball. Andrew Benintendi got the call-up to Boston last year and never looked back. He started producing from the second he took the field, and still has 25 AB’s as a minor leaguer. Moncada on the other hand, didn’t impress quite like Benintendi. That doesn’t mean he won’t be productive, its just a matter of time until he breaks into the White Sox lineup and shows why he got paid so much as the top international player a few years back.

Low Minors: To continue the prospect onslaught, the Punchouts roll out another three prospects in the top 25, with only one out of the top 50. Meadows should see time in the Pittsburgh OF this year, and will definitely see AB’s once that selfish, over-the-hill prick McCuthcen is traded (miss you buddy). Devers seems to get overlooked because of the talent in the Red Sox system. He is a power 3B that even provided 18 steals last year. Espinoza, another former Boston prospect, has a ways to go until he lands in San Diego’s rotation, but he has the stuff to get him there. The pitcher I am more excited to discuss is BARNEGAT native, Jason Groome. Brian just got angry seeing that Groome isn’t on his team again, and for some odd reason, that makes me happy. Groome was projected to go as high as the top pick in the draft in June, but fell to Boston at 12. He definitely has the stuff to be a front of the rotation arm, but there are questions about his maturity. Another first round pick last year was Blake Rutherford, this time by Boston’s rivals. The Yankees scooped up another top prospect that fell in the draft, and Ryan did the same when he drafted him in our FYPD. He also drafted Alex Verdugo, who honestly doesn’t deserve any other mention because he doesn’t compare to the other names on this list.

Overall Minors Grade: A+

It is hard to argue that anyone has a better farm system than Ryan right now. He has the top of the line stars, depth with all 8 slots filled and combination of bats and arms. Even if he doesn’t make it back to the playoffs this year, it won’t take him long to get there and be a force for years to come.


Ocean Gate Trout Fishing Club and defending Backyard Champions (Fuck you Greg)

Clutch your trophy for now, Fuckface
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Lucas Giolito 11 21.1 IP
Tyler Glasnow 8 23.1 IP
Jose De Leon 33 17 IP
Low Minors Brendan Rodgers 15
Eloy Jimenez 13
Ian Happ 28
Francisco Mejia 40
DRP AJ Puk 69
Cal Quantril 97
Kevin Maitan 32

High Minors: This is where you will find the future aces in the majors, or at least OGTFC hopes. With the stars not shining as bright as they did last year, Giolito and Glasnow hope to get their shot at a rotation spot instead of the spot starts they were awarded last year. Meanwhile, Jose De Leon looks to showcase his skills in both real life and fantasy. After coming over from the Moonz in an off-season BLOCKBUSTER, De Leon is hoping to stay healthy, and carry his minor league success to the OG.

Low Minors: The current champions won the title because of the talent they brought up through their system. Guys like Trout, Betts, Bryant, Turner, McCutchen, Posey and Bregman were all brought up by Greg. You would think after all of that talent graduated to the majors there would be nothing left in the minors, well you would be DEAD WRONG! This team still boasts some minor league talent with Rodgers and Jimenez showing they are ready for the next level. While Ian Happ had a successful spell across high A and AA, and Franky Mejia only had the longest hitting streak in the minors in like ever. It looks like the TFC’ers are ready for life after Posey.

DRP: The crown jewel of the OGTFC system is none other than Kevin Maitan. I will describe him using the words of professionals, “The Venezuelan teenager has been compared to Miguel Sano and his ceiling has been put side-by-side with the likes of Miguel Cabrera and Chipper Jones.” Those are two names that Mikey T actually knows, whereas Maitan will be one he wished he had. AJ Puk was recently acquired as a DRP from the Bad Dudes. He was successful at Florida and outside of one bad outing towards the end of the season, seems to have translated that success to the professional ranks. Quantril has a cool name and a semi successful father, which is why he was drafted.

Overall Minors Grade: A-

Even after offloading one of their more talented minors players in Bradley Zimmer this week, the OGTFC still own 8 players in the top 50 ranking. That is more than the Punchouts, and is why they have the second best grade to this point. The only downside of having that much talent in the minors is that they also have an exorbitant amount of talent on the major league roster. The toughest decision the TFC management will have to make this year is how to fit all of their talent on the same roster once players get their call-up.


Q-Tip City Morning Wood

The Phillies drafted a FUCKING TODDLER
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Dansby Swanson 4 129 AB’s
Hunter Renfroe 42 35 AB’s
Jharel Cotton NR 29.1 IP
Carson Fulmer 71 11.2 IP
Low Minors Dominic Smith 63
Gleyber Torres 3
Josh Hader 38
Michael Kopech 16
Brett Honeywell 31
Mickey Moniak 19
DRP Matt Manning 74
Braxton Garrett 43

High Minors: Shane came in and had a long road ahead of him to rebuild this team. One piece left from the previous owner was Dansby Swanson. Although he only has 1 minor league AB left, he is going to be a good player for a long time in Atlanta. As evidenced by his abilities at the end of last season. Hunter Renfroe was an addition that should help add some power the the Wood lineup. While Cotton and Fulmer are promising rotation arms moving forward with some major league time under their belts already.

Low Minors: Other than Dom Smith, everyone else on this list is a result of new management. Which is saying a lot when you look at the depth and talent that was added in such a short period of time. The Wood smartly picked Torres off the free agent list since no one else had faith in him. He went on to scorch his way through the Arizona Fall League and become the youngest MVP the league has ever seen. He also acquired fireballer Michael Kopech in a trade with the Bad Dudes (seems to be a theme that the Bad Dudes trade away a lot of talent). We have all heard the stories about Kopech and how hard he can throw, but there is a negative to throwing 105 MPH. That is sometimes you don’t know where the ball is going to go. He has enough time to work on some mechanics before he gets to the majors anyway. To help stabilize an already stacked pitching staff, Shane was able to bring in Josh Hader and Honeywell also. Honeywell had success in AA with a pitch that is rarely seen. He dominated with a screwball last year to the tune of a combined 2.34 ERA across high A and AA. Another addition was number 1 pick (real life and fantasy) Mickey Moniak to the Wood’s roster. With only a few games under his belt in rookie ball, the verdict is still out on Moniak.

DRP: As if this team didn’t already have enough pitching at all levels, they added a few more names in the FYPD. Garrett is a high risk high reward type player, but where the Morning Wood picked them, it was a no brainer. Matt Manning is a product of a Tiger fan trapped with the team of a former Met homer. He was also the number 9 overall pick this past year, so is obviously talented.

Overall Minors Grade: A-

With new ownership came a new approach regarding the minor league system. Shane decided he wanted to put an emphasis on improving the young talent in his minors, and in just a few months has accomplished just that. Adding Torres to go along with Dansby gives him a pair of superstars. He also has 8 prospects ranked within the top 50, which is why the Wood deserve this ranking. Top young talent and depth will help this team win more than four games in no time.


Forked River Three-Eyed Fish

Nice fucking mustache Freddie Mercury. Button that jersey! 
Level Player MLB.com Ranking
High Minors Trey Mancini NR 14 AB’s
Ramiel Tapia 90 38 AB’s
Matt Olson NR 21 AB’s
Low Minors Nick Senzel 26
Sean Reid-Foley 64
JP Crawford 6
Clint Frazier 24
Bradley Zimmer 22
DRP Ian Anderson 86


High Minors: The 3EF have some talent lying in their high minors system, starting with the talented Tapia. Even if MLB.com doesn’t like Tapia, it is hard to argue with his output over the years. He has never hit under .300 at any level of the minors, and has included some speed to go along with the hit tool. Olson is someone that is not far removed from power numbers at the minor league level. It hasn’t translated much with the A’s but he has plenty of time until he hits his minor league limit. Trey Mancini, well what is there to say about him, I honestly have nothing.

Low Minors: With the third pick in the draft, the 3EF were able to snag the top player available. So for that, Connor gets a kudos. Senzel started his pro career at Low A after being drafted this past year, and he put on a display. He can hit for power, average, and even throw in a few steals for good measure. Being a college player, he has the opportunity to move quickly through the Reds system and start paying dividends for the team from Forked River. Another recent addition, from yours truly, Bradley Zimmer brings a rare combination of power and super speed. In his two years in the minors he has an average of 41 steals and 15.5 HR. If Zimmer can cut down on his strikeouts and impress Terry Francona, he may earn his way to the Cleveland OF before the season’s out. Reid-Foley looks like a complete douche, but may be able to back up that terrible looking face with some nice stats. A team known for drafting talented pitchers recently, the Blue Jays took Reid-Foley, honestly who the fuck has hyphenated names now-a-days and get rid of that mustache. I’m done discussing him. Some believe that JP Crawford will be the real deal, while others believe he will be a better real baseball player than fantasy player. I fall into the latter. Although he will still provide enough stats to be relevant, I don’t see Crawford being a centerpiece of a fantasy team. Someone who may take those honors is Clint Frazier. The man is known for his elite bad speed, and if Sean was writing this article, you would be reading research from fan graphs about bat speed translating into some new age stat that helps guys hit more home runs and lower their estrogen levels. Well I am not Sean, and I am glad, because I’m not sure I could live with Herpes like he does. Back to Frazier, he will be in the bigs by 2018, and should produce solid numbers on a young talented Yankees roster.

DRP: The 3EF were able to somehow find another Braves pitching prospect, that somehow wasn’t picked up by the Moonz. They have a ton of young talent throughout the minors and Anderson is ranked towards the bottom, but still can emerge as a reliable option down the road.

Overall Minors Grade: B

This was a tough team to grade. I love the additions of Senzel and Zimmer to go along with Tapia and Frazier. I just don’t see Crawford and the rest of the bunch producing enough to grade the entire system any higher. In my book, a B is extremely solid and there are plenty of pieces to make this team better than the Isotopes which is all anyone really cares about.

On the Farm

Draft 2017!

OK GUYS, so the draft is over! Here’s the results (THIS COLOR denotes Rights Players):

Round 1 Morning Wood (Shane) Pine Lake Punchouts (Rmac) FR Three Eyed Fish (Connor) Springfield Isotopes (Mikey T) RC Bad Dudes (Lobman) Rojo’s Resurgence (Rojo) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) Barnegat Banana Slugs (Brian) Main St Mooninitez (Sean) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) via X-Rays (Odom)
Pick Mickey Moniak – OF Jason Groome, P Nick Senzel,    3b Javy Baez, Utility Joe Kelly, SP/RP Kyle Tucker,    OF  Kevin Maitan, SS Kyle Lewis,       OF  Mitch Keller,   SP Sean Manaea,     SP
Round 2 Morning Wood (Shane) Pine Lake Punchouts (Rmac) FR Three Eyed Fish (Connor) Springfield Isotopes (Mikey T) RC Bad Dudes (Lobman) Rojo’s Resurgence (Rojo) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) Barnegat Banana Slugs (Brian) Main St Mooninitez (Sean) Point Loma X-Rays (Odom)
Pick Matt Manning,   SP Alex Verdugo,    OF Ian Anderson,    SP Eric Fedde,       SP AJ Puk,              SP  Corey Ray,      OF Kyle Barraclough,    RP Zack Collins,     C Grant Dayton,     RP Eric Thames,     LF
Round 3 Morning Wood (Shane) Pine Lake Punchouts (Rmac) FR Three Eyed Fish (Connor) Springfield Isotopes (Mikey T) RC Bad Dudes (Lobman) Rojo’s Resurgence (Rojo) OG Trout Fishing Club (Heroy) Barnegat Banana Slugs (Brian) Main St Mooninitez (Sean) Point Loma X-Rays (Odom)
Pick Braxton Garrett,            SP Blake Rutherford ,    OF Sean Reid-Foley,              SP Mike Napoli,   DH Lazarito Armenteros,      OF Tom Murphy,    C Cal Quantrill,    SP Ryan Buchter,    RP AJ Minter,        SP Delvin Perez,   SS 

Now, the players who are actually on the system will be added tonight to all your active rosters. The rest, well as you know, are draft rights players (hereby called “Rights Players”), and will be posted in a sticky on the blog, and on the message board. A quick note:

  • Rights players are tradable in ANY format, but make sure the move is plainly spelled out in the narrative of  the chat.
  • If ANYONE sees that your player is added to the player pool, they’ll call it out and you’ll be given the first right of refusal. IF YOU DONT PLAN ON USING YOUR OPTION, YOU MUST STATE IT IN THE CHAT OR TO ODOM OR MYSELF. You will then have to wait until after waivers to pick him up, as you’ve given up your rights on the player. Once the player is a full fledged free agent, he will be free for you (or anyone) to pick up.
  • IF you use your right on the player, you MUST put a waiver claim in on said player. If you don’t he will not be on your team.

I mean, its pretty simple and I wrote a whole thing about this, so I don’t think I need to expound any further.

Anyone want to write a review of the draft or anything? Hit me or Sean up…


Draft 2017!

Draft Rights: A Primer

If you know who this is, I’m both impressed and sad for you (both of us)

– Well, as most of us could have guessed, ESPN done screwed us yet again. This time, they have neglected to add some of those OH SO IMPORTANT low minor leaguers that some (maybe 3) of us covet so greatly. The low minors was basically predicated on getting some of the dudes as early as possible, which could build some continuity in our systems, and add an extra element to trade talks and future negotiations in the league.

FEAR NOT, my friends, as your league leadership has heard your concerns and have devised a plan to rectify these issues that maybe 1 or 2 of you care so deeply about. This plan may seem complex and even needless at first, but it will be useful to all who want it, and if you’re not into the whole prospect thing, the great part is you just really don’t have to participate. A secondary or possibly tertiary goal for me in this league is to make you all more well-rounded baseball fans, and I believe this low minors strategy will enhance the experience from bottom to top. But yea, so, without more word filler, this is the strategy that has been brought forward by me, your minor league coordinator, and streamlined by your commish and his underling:

(Quick note: Before you say “This is needless and stupid, and I disagree with its merits”, please note that there have been MULTIPLE owners who welcome and are excited for these minor leaguers to be available, and this process is a conduit in which everyone could be satisfied, and nobody will be slighted.)



  • The draft will give you an opportunity to draft the rights of UP TO (3) minor leaguers who are not already involved in the LOW ENERGY ESPN player pool. It will shake out like this:

    • Draft will (as stated) be done in order of reverse regular season standings.

    • You will be given the opportunity to draft any player of your choosing from the ESPN player pool OR research and draft a player of your choosing who is NOT already in the player pool itself.

    • The draft will be completely on GROUPME, so we control how the picks are made and managed. A spreadsheet of draft picks and the tracking will be compiled by the staff and tracked on the league blog.

    • Drafting rights to players are totally up to the individual drafting to formulate their involvement or strategy. You can draft anywhere from 0 to 3 players from the tangible player pool, and backfill the remainder with rights players.

    • The rights pick has to involve a player who is PAID BY AN MLB ORGANIZATION. No International players who don’t have an attached organization. This is not a negotiable situation.

    • Before you ask, yes, you will theoretically be able to own 11 minor league eligible players, but you really don’t. You have to make a roster move to actually own a rights player when they become available to the system, which means you will have to drop a player on your roster.

    • Breakdown on how rights picks will be done:

      • Owner A wants to use his #1 pick to draft last year’s #1 pick, Mickey Moniak, but obviously his name isn’t accessible through the ESPN system.

      • Owner A will take Mickey Moniak as a DRAFT RIGHTS player with Pick #1.

      • This means: Owner A has not filled 1 spot in his roster, instead acquiring rights to a player to be added to the league at a later date.

      • They will essentially own Mickey Moniak for WHENEVER he enters the league.

      • This player’s rights will NOT count toward your teams minor league requirements. You will still need to make your roster compliant before March 31st. There are no exceptions.

      • Mickey Moniak’s rights will not be available to anyone but Owner A for as long as he is NOT in the ESPN player pool.

      • Once Moniak is discovered to be in the player pool, Owner A will be given the FIRST RIGHT OF REFUSAL. This means: They will have to drop a player from their team and use their waiver claim on Mickey Moniak (NO MATTER YOUR WAIVER PICK NUMBER). If you decide you have a nice and high waiver claim and don’t want to waste it on your minor leaguer, you MAY pass on the pickup.

      • If Moniak is entered somehow into the player pool and passes through waivers before discovered, the commissioner will manually put Owner A to the back of the waiver list if Owner A decided to act on acquiring Moniak.

      • If you pass on the pick, the rights to Moniak have been absolved and he is a free agent, available to anyone in the league without the use of a waiver pick.

      • These rights players are absolutely tradable if you so choose, as any player on your active roster would be.

      • After the draft, they will have the opportunity to place a waiver claim on a player to fill that empty roster spot for the upcoming season. This means you could own all 3 rights picks in the draft, and backfill your roster spots with active player pool players AFTER the draft.


So basically that’s it. It’s as simple as it sounds, and there are no loopholes that will be exploited here. This is not a living breathing system, where you can randomly claim a players rights at your own whim in the future. It is ONLY FOR THE 3 DRAFT ROUNDS, and that’s only if you choose. Your level of involvement is entirely up to you, and you have every opportunity to own any player you choose who’s not in ESPN player pool.

Again, your level of involvement is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. Feel free to participate or not. The caveat is you will not have the license to belly ache at all about not having access to a minor league star if you don’t participate, because you had the opportunity. With anything, there will be penalties that will be enforced for compliance, but these will be covered when the PENALTIES for non-compliance come out in relatively short order.

I encourage and welcome questions, comments, or criticisms which will inevitably rise.

Draft Rights: A Primer