2019’s 10 Teams in 10 Days: #8 Ocean Gate Frontdoor FB



2018 RECORD:  7-9-2

PROJECTED 2019 RECORD:  8-8-2, 6th place.  Never rule out this team SQUANDERING its talent but it has justttt enough of it to where I have to predict them making the BackYard Bracket (then losing in the 1st round).



BEAR MINIMUM BLOVIATION:  So THIS NAME, I can’t tell if it is like the lamest “trolling” in the history of lame trolling or what but I’m going to memorialize it on the 10 in 10 forever in any case. Guess this is what I should expect from a league with division names like ours (also deeply stupid, BANNED from the blog). WHERE WAS I? Oh yea, this fucking team. Still boasts the top two players in fantasy (Trout, Betts) and like 3 of the top 10 (Turner) and will still find a way to be an ABSOLUTE DISAPPOINTMENT. But due to aforementioned players I have a hard time voting them out of the BYB each preseason, even though it’s entirely possible they find a way.



PROJECTED BACKYARD SURPRISE STUD HITTER:  RF Austin Meadows – Meadows FINALLY got his goddamned cup of coffee last season and was able to display a lil bit of everything across 178 ABs (9 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 6 HRs, 5 SBs). All of that came with a .324 OBP that ESPN ain’t buying apparently (.306 projected), but I AM BUYING. Meadows looked good this spring and I think he obviously has the pedigree to put up some big numbers, possibly out of the leadoff spot for the Rays. Somebody get him off Greg’s team before he squanders his potential.  

PROJECTED BACKYARD SURPRISE DUD HITTER:  SS Willy Adames – Those who have considered themselves Rays fans at some point in time likely have a complicated relationship with Adames and MAYBE THAT IS IN PLAY HERE, and maybe Adames only appears to be a dud from Greg’s perspective (I have a suspicion the rest of the league has a more accurate valuation on the guy)…. but yes I think Adames’ debut was a good bit of smoke and mirrors. His plate discipline was garbage, hit a lot of groundballs, really was propped up by a .378 BABIP that is gonna come downnnn. So very down. Like 60 points or more down. Willy is very young and can improve upon all of these things but FOR NOW I think there’s going to be growing pains and FOR LATER I think he settles in as a solid player but a bit MEH in fantasy, not a guy teams should trade their David Price‘s over.




PROJECTED BACKYARD SURPRISE STUD PITCHER:  SP Tyler Glasnow – Glasnow was a bit shall we sayyyy inconsistent last season BUT, underlying metrics point to a guy that was better than his 4.27 ERA. As one of the three pitchers the Rays will actually allow to act as actual starters he’s got a chance to pitch well and pitch deep into games (at least possible QS deep) and the guy’s got some real K upside, is what he’s got. Another guy someone should remove from Greg’s team but will not be able to due to differing opinions on worth. Such is life in the Backyard.  

PROJECTED BACKYARD SURPRISE DUD PITCHER:  SP Michael Fulmer – SURPRISE, they just announced yesterday or something he needs TJ. Woulda sucked anyway, overrated as all get out after that 2016 season.

2019’s 10 Teams in 10 Days: #8 Ocean Gate Frontdoor FB

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