2019 Announcements and Referendum Results

Per the results of the Spring Referendum, the following regulations/proposals shall go into effect beginning immediately.

Opening Week Start Limit: 16

All Star Break Start Limit: 18

Trade Deadline: 7/24/19 at 12 PM eastern*

*subject to ESPN tomfoolery

Draft Lottery: Shall begin with 2020 Spring Draft order

Minor League Policy Proposal: Lobman’s approved

Announcements from the league office regarding the 2019 season and on

Head to Head playoff tiebreakers:

  1. Head to Head
  2. Wins
  3. Division Record
  4. Total Season Stats
  5. Record Last 9 Games
  6. Longest Win Streak
  7. Most 10+ category win weeks
  8. Coin flip

More than 2 team tiebreakers:

  1. Head to Head (requires a complete sweep by one team)
  2. Wins
  3. Division Record
  4. Record Last 9 Games
  5. Longest Win Streak
  6. Most 10+ Category Win Weeks
  7. Coin Flip

New Awards and All-Star Team

  • Coming in 2019, we will vote on a Backyard oriented All Star team. This comes in response to the backlash from the ESPNPR ASB All Star teams that have been released so far. Participation is voluntary.
  • The 2019 Awards will introduce 3 new awards. Comeback Player, Breakout Player, and Streamer of the Year will all debut on the 2019 award ballots.

Minor League Commissioner

Effective January 15th, 2019, Mike Lobman is officially named Minor League Commissioner and will handle all violations and punishment legislation going forward.

2019 Announcements and Referendum Results

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