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HER NAME ON THE PROGRAM IS APRIL, so I figured she can spice this boring shit up a bit….


Let’s phone this one in trade reviews are tedious….



Fri, Apr 27
1:47 PM


BABA traded Garrett Richards, LAA SP to RCBD
RCBD traded Cesar Hernandez, Phi 2B to BABA
RCBD traded Jonny Venters, TB SP to BABA

Richards:  3-1, 27.2 IP (6 starts), 4.88 ERA (4.56 FIP), 37 Ks (12.04 K/9), 1 QS

Hernandez:  .406 OBP, 5 2Bs, 3 HRs, 21 Rs, 11 RBIs, 5 SBs

Venters:  0.00 ERA (4.47 FIP), ZERO Ks, 1 Hold




Richards is having reallll issues getting deep into games but when he’s on he is pretty excellent. Cesar grossly underrated OBP 2B. Venters being listed as an SP is a travesty. I’ll give it to the Dudes for G-Rich’s upside going forward, though it shrinks with every passing day. / Bad Dudes
Mon, Apr 23
6:42 PM


XYZ traded Luiz Gohara, Atl SP to LTBS
LTBS traded Jon Lester, ChC SP to XYZ

Gohara:  Gettin’ shelled in AAA currently, 9.51 K/9 and 4.91 ERA (2.75 FIP) in 29.1 MLB innings last year.

MLB Comp:  CC Sabathia with a lot more velo.


Lester:  2-1, 33 IP (6 starts), 2.73 ERA (4.58 FIP), 27 Ks (7.36 K/9), 3 QS

  Lester certainly seems like he is trending down over the past two years, not sure I trust the mileage on that arm. Gohara on the other hand throws heat but has control issues, and a terrible body. INJURY CONCERNS. Still like the upside for him, but again another even deal. / BackdoorSliderz
Mon, Apr 23
5:52 PM


LTBS traded Blake Snell, TB SP to XYZ
XYZ traded Mitch Keller, Pit SP to LTBS

Snell:  4-1, 42.1 IP (7 starts), 2.55 ERA (3.14 FIP), 45 Ks (9.57 K/9), 5 QS


Keller:  2.73 ERA (3.88 FIP) and 8.80 K/9 in 29.2 AA innings this season, 3.12 ERA (2.50 FIP) and 11.68 K/9 in 34.2 AA innings last season.

MLB Comp:  CC Sabathia with a lot more velo.

  Keller might be great as soon as next season, but Snell is looking prettttty great now after a rocky couple of seasons. So I will take the guy that seems like he’s figured it out over the guy that might hit some bumps in the road prior to that. Likely a good deal for both sides though. / X*RAYZ
Mon, Apr 23
3:45 PM


RRF traded Teoscar Hernandez, Tor LF to LTBS
LTBS traded Michael Chavis, Bos 3B to RRF

Hernandez:  .333 OBP, 8 2Bs, 2 3Bs, 4 HRs, 15 Rs, 11 RBIs, 3 SBs


Chavis:  SUSPENDED 80 games for PEDs, evidently had good Raw Power but WAS IT REAL?

MLB Comp:  Trevor Plouffe cuz fuck him.

Michael Chavis got popped for PEDs but was like 78th best prospect according to MLB.com, I am not impressed.

Teoscar on the other hand has been impressive and hits the shit outta the ball. Would rather have. / BackdoorSliderz

Mon, Apr 23
11:05 AM


BABA traded Marwin Gonzalez, Hou SS to XYZ
XYZ traded Andrew Miller*, Cle RP to BABA

Gonzalez:  .320 OBP, 5 2Bs, 2 HRs, 10 Rs, 17 RBIs


Miller:  1-0, 10 IP, 0.00 ERA (1.59 FIP), 17 Ks (15.30 K/9), 1 Save, 4 Holds

  Gonzalez’s positional versatility can be helpful but he’s still kinda MEH. Miller is injured but back soon and v. good. / BABADOOKS
Wed, Apr 4
3:21 AM


OGFC traded Andrew Miller*, Cle RP to XYZ
XYZ traded Jay Bruce, NYM RF to OGFC

Miller:  1-0, 10 IP, 0.00 ERA (1.59 FIP), 17 Ks (15.30 K/9), 1 Save, 4 Holds

Bruce: .308 OBP, 6 2Bs, 1 3B, 2 HRs, 9 Rs, 12 RBIs, 2 SBs

Jay Bruce is MEH, previous year’s numbers be damned. Miller is the best Holds guy in the league (when healthy). / X*RAYZ

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