2017 RECORD:  8-9-1



KNOW YOUR OWNER/KNOW YOUR TEAM!:  ROJO! Lovable fan favorite Rojo. This is still the case if you ask me, even if those same fans are growing a wee bit tired of the same ol’ Resurgence. Much like the man himself, who has managed to stay largely unchanged for years now due to an avoidance of any kind of stressful physical activity/sleeping in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, the Resurgence are coming into 2018 MOSTLY unchanged from the end of 2017. They didn’t engage in too many trades during the season relative to the rest of us tradesters, and didn’t engage in any trades after their season ended, but certainly made some saavy deals last summer that should or COULD lead to some solid gains in some areas. Whether or not the number of trades increases in 2018, whether or not they actually keep the current closer on their roster, these things we can only know with time. Which is an illusion. BEST OF LUCK TO ROJO IN THE UPCOMING SEASON!



KEY ADDITIONS!:  HECTOR NERIS!!!!!!!, SP/DH Shohei Ohtani, SP/RP Brad Peacock, maybe CF Victor Robles at some point but maybe not, Josh Reddick?



KEY SUBTRACTIONS!:  Honestly I do not know of any, apart from perhaps the All Holds Guys No Closers Cuz I’m Stubborn strategy……which would be addition via subtraction.





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THE HITTERS!:  Say what you want about Rojo’s Resurgence’s misfit toys ride the hot hands into a second season even if those hands were likely only hot for one season style roster construction, but they now have George Springer and that is better than not having him. And they still have Goldy and he’s still the best 1B in our league, so that is a not too shabby base. After that it gets a little murkier, a mix of aging former stars (Adam Jones, Beltre, Cruz) and young/youngish guys looking to step up (Devers) or avoid heavy regression (Taylor, Gennett) or just keep their fucking job (Maikel Franco). Lets just get to the 20+ projected HR stats since that’s what this is all about now:  a very nice and clean 10 projected for 20+, with two of those (Gallo & Cruz) projected for 41 and 40 respectively. SO THAT IS NICE. Particularly since the roster is all but punting steals as of right now, unless Chris Taylor or Goldy can save them in a given week.

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The Babadook’s Five Best Bats

1-  Paul Goldschmidt

2-  George Springer

3-  Nelson Cruz

4-  Joey Gallo

5-  Rafael Devers






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THE PITCHERS!:  SNEAKY GOOD CORE! Just like last year when I labeled them quietly solid for having a quartet of Yu DarvishMashahiro TanakaCorey Kluber, and Johnny Cueto. That quartet has swapped Darvish for Bumgarner which is a damn fine upgrade, and also added caraaaazayyyyy fantasy guy that goes both ways Shohei Ohtani. He might be pretty good to very nearly great, certainly enough to offset Cueto maybe no longer being good, and HEY I am also a fan of Jordan Montgomery. Like me some Jordan Montgomery if he is given an opportunity.  There’s also Chase Anderson, I guess you would technically refer to him as the 5th best arm here even though he bores me to tears. You’re looking at a potential 7 man rotation for the Force which I am a fan of, less streaming the better I say. So that could work out.

Checking back in with the famed RRF bullpen and MY GOD THERE IS CURRENTLY A CLOSER. Hector Neris was on this team to begin last season and damned if they haven’t brought him back (signing him back like last September) despite the fact that he is now technically a closer which usually repulses RRF management. And a pretty solid closer at that. And uhhh, yea that is really all I want to discuss about the bullpen because it is by far the most exciting news coming out of ANY bullpen in the Backyard MAYBE POSSIBLY EVER. If I were to discuss something else I would mention the bold strategy of rostering the ‘Stros multi-inning weapons (DevenskiPeacock) and how that may or may not work out for them depending upon what in the fuck the Astros do with those types (besides the obvious use of Peacock as a starter for the inevitable McCullers injury). But I don’t want to discuss that sort of negativity not when we have this Hector Newsis…. HECTOR NERIS IS EVERYTHING.

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The Babadook’s Five Best On The Bump

1-  Corey Kluber

2-  Madison Bumgarner

3-  Masahiro Tanaka

4-  Shohei Ohtani

5-  Chase Anderson





THE PREDICTION!:  7-10-1, 9th place.  Last season the Resurgence started out 1-4 before closing 7-5-1. Two years ago the Resurgence started off 8-2, before finishing 3-6-1 and then cruelly losing in the first round of the playoffs via tie. I guess what I’m saying is I don’t think that will happen again, because I think the RRF boast a good but not great roster and I think guys Ohtani underwhelms. Also I think guys like Gennett and Chris Taylor regress a bit, also I think Brian McCann shouldn’t be so fussy also I think Nelly and Beltre are getting old. Add it all up and I see the newfound “mostly holds” strategy not being enough to get the RRF back to the playoffs in 2018. Tough league, kids.

THE COMMISH’S PREDISH! (Odom’s Prediction):  9-8-1, 6th place. 







2017 RECORD:  5-12-1



KNOW YOUR OWNER/KNOW YOUR TEAM!:  RYAN! I had declared this owner as having hit rock bottom with a .350 win percentage in 2017, and he went out and proved me wrong with a .306 in 2017. No doubt the squad turned its eyes to 2018 towards the end there, likely costing a game or two, but it was the LAPSES in managerial CONCENTRATION that cost a few games earlier in the season that put that team in that particular position. So that is both a note about the owner and a note about the team all in one. Note I am being vague about the team name cuz it changed a few times, but now Ryan is back and the team has been christened the Garden State Warriors and they’re once again in position to try and Pitch First to the Playoffs. And uhhh, one interesting thing about this particular owner is that he is my brother. So THAT. Is a fun little piece of trivia I guess. BEST OF LUCK TO RYAN IN THE UPCOMING SEASON!



KEY ADDITIONS!:  CF Andrew McCutchen RP Craig Kimbrel ALL OF A SUDDEN, 1B Wil Myers ALL OF A SUDDEN, RP Sean Doolittle ALL OF A SUDDEN, SS Gleyber Torres ALL OF A SUDDEN, RP Carl Edwards Jr., RF Jesse Winker, SP Noah Syndergaard (if he gives them more than the 29.1 IP he gave them last year that is, and WHILE ON THIS SUBJECT….), SP James Paxton (if healthy), SP David Price (if healthy), 1B Ryan McMahon (if Rox starting 1B).



KEY SUBTRACTIONS!:  3B Kyle Seager, SP Michael Wacha, CF Andrew McCutchen ALL OF A SUDDEN, SP Carlos Rodon ALL OF A SUDDEN, C Buster Posey ALL OF A SUDDEN, SP Chris Sale ALL OF A SUDDEN, SS Tim Beckham, some dignity for rostering Tim Tebow on the ESPN roster ever so briefly.




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THE HITTERS!:  The Warriors return the core of their lineup, lead by two phenomenal shortstops (Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor) and Anthony Rendon. And they have a new shiny infield piece that may finally take hold in 2018, as Yoan Moncada seems poised to get a full season’s worth of ABs and may very well shine with said ABs. And the Warriors may just need it, as Miguel Sano is reportedly fat and may very well face a suspension for being rape-y, Ryan Braun is aging in a crowded OF situation, etc. etc. etc. A nicely orchestrated trade for new Giant Andrew McCutchen in the offseason, back when he was a Buc, and a potential starting gig at Coors for High Minors 1B Ryan McMahon could also help weather some storms. Since now I feel like I’m resigned to noting it, DONGS ARE LIFE and all, the Warriors are projected for TEN 20+ HR hitters but only one 30+ (aforementioned Sano). OH YEAH there’s also Byron Buxton and Christian Yelich, those guys are both like top 20 OFs these days so yanno……they could help too. (I am trying to be less wordy in these things but I am sure I will lose the battle later on in the series, writing teachers always say it is harder to write short papers than long ones IT IS TRUE)

UPDATE:  They also went out and got Wil Myers, he is good. And Gleyber Torres, he very well may be good.

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The Babadook’s Five Best Bats

1-  Francisco Lindor

2-  Carlos Correa

3-  Anthony Rendon

4-  Christian Yelich

5-  Byron Buxton






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THE PITCHERS!:  The Warriors CALLING CARD, also this team’s calling card for probably its entire existence and all prior names. SO WHY KEEP WRITING NEW SHIT, I’ll just edit what I had last year:

“List your top 5 fantasy SPs and the Punchouts likely have three of them with Clayton Kershaw (1) (5 last year according to ESPN Player Rater [due to injury]), Chris Sale (5) (4 last year), and Noah Syndergaard (3 or 4) (this guy got hurt, will see what he’s got this year but if healthy he’s a Cy Young candidate. Not too far below these three is Stephen Strasburg, a pitcher good enough to be in that top 5 if he can for once in his fucking life avoid injury for a full season.”

Alright enough of this, Stras actually managed like 175 innings last year and ended up rated 8th is the point. The Warriors still didn’t feel this was quite enough so they surrendered top talent to get top talent and acquired Yu Darvish, now with the Cubs. OH and they also finally pried James Paxton from my cold dead hands, he’s usually an SP1 for like 100 innings a season with the other innings lost to injury or ineffective due to returning from injury. But yea HE IS VERY GOOD, and he’s only like the 6th best starter on this team. FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES they added David Price this offseason, add him to the list of potential aces for the GSW if they can avoid the injury bug. KINDA THE ENTIRE PROBLEM WITH PITCHERS, but you can’t fault the Warriors for facing that problem head on by rostering a bunch of really really good pitchers. They also have Dylan Bundy for further shits and giggles. The rotation is very good is the point, I am almost annoyed to be reviewing it.

As for the pen, lets go to what I said last year once again:

“Bullpen-wise, this bullpen offends me eeeeeeven more than the 3EF bullpen, as it comprises only two individuals right now (surely either some pitching or some outfielders bats will need to be swapped out if the PP want to compete in relief categories). David Robertson Brad Hand is a solid closer that will deliver good Ks and will save some games, albeit for the Padres so HOW MANY MAN? Sam Dyson is FAR LESS solid Carl Edwards Jr. is probably an even better reliever but he is currently resigned to holds duty in the Cubs pen. ADDITIONAL ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.  UPDATE:  They heeded my words and did some additional assembly and added Craig Kimbrel and he is the 2nd best closer in fantasy so good job. Also they grabbed Sean Doolittle and health permitting he’s a realllll solid option as the Nats current closer.

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The Babadook’s Five Best On The Bump

1-  Clayton Kershaw

2-  Chris Sale  Stephen Strasburg

3-  Noah Syndergaard

4-  James Paxton

5-  David Price





THE PREDICTION!:  7-10-1, 8th place.  The rotation is possibly the best it has ever been, assuming good health. But that is a bit o’ a big assumption with Kershaw’s back acting up, Paxton being Paxton, Strasburg being Strasburg, and Thor coming back from injury. A good core of hitters as well, but UNTIL I see this owner stop losing early season matchups by failing to start 12 or some other fuckery I am forced to figure they’ll drop a few games they shouldn’t have and drop out of the playoff race a tad early as a result of it. Prove me wrong, Warriors.

THE COMMISH’S PREDISH! (Odom’s Prediction):  7-11, 8th place.



Foreword:  The 10 Teams in 10 Days Series is meant to directly rip off whatever 30 teams in 30 days shit the MLB Network does, which was then ripped off by Mikey T for some sort of weird topics of discussion chat series last year, which is now being ripped off by me FOR THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE to give a little team preview for all of 2018’s Backyard participants. NOT A POWER RANKINGS of any kind (we will do the first one of those once we hit April), this is just me discussing each team’s roster as we prepare for the second year of dynasty play (NOW WITH EVEN MORE MINOR LEAGUERS). Teams will be previewed in reverse order of the “final standings,” tweaked because the ESPN version is stupid and doesn’t view the rightful last place team as the last place team. I know last year I kept with the ESPN version but that was only cuz it was fun to have the ‘Topes in last. No longer will this blog be about fun. Anywho, ON TO THE FIRST REVIEW….






2017 RECORD:  3-14-1



KNOW YOUR OWNER/KNOW YOUR TEAM!:  SHANE! Is the owner of this particular team. One year into his Backyard tenure and nobody can accuse Shane of being an absentee owner, which is really what he was brought in to correct. NO LONGER do we have a few owners that disappear and don’t respond to trade offers, for this guy responds to trade offers TO A FAULT. And probably sends offers of his own to a fault. All of which contributed to a bit of a rocky start as Shane attempted to mold this team into his own image, or something. Or maybe just into a team of players that felt more his. Adoption is hard. Anywho, love the trades or hate the trades you have to give him credit for being out there in the market and competing to the bitter end of a bitter 2017 season. HERE’S TO “NOWHERE TO GO BUT UP” for the Q-Tip City Morning Wood. And uhh, as for Shane, I dunno he still has all those kids I think. I don’t know why I ever started these “Know Your Owner” sections I don’t really want to talk about any of you fucks….. BEST OF LUCK TO SHANE IN THE UPCOMING SEASON!



KEY ADDITIONS!:  CF/LF Starling Marte, 3B Evan Longoria, 2B Daniel Murphy, 1B/LF Eric Thames, CF Lorenzo Cain, RP Cody Allen, CF Adam Eaton



KEY SUBTRACTIONS!:  3B Vlad Guerrero Jr. E-FUCKING-VENTUALLY I am sure, 2B Whit Merrifield, 2B Cesar Hernandez, 1B Logan Morrison, LF Corey Dickerson




Image result for jd martinez red sox

THE HITTERS!:  Well they went out and got JD Martinez (43 projected HRs, all projections are ESPN’s DEAL WITH IT) and can’t fault a guy there. They ALSO sneakily added some sneaky good players in Adam Eaton and Lorenzo Cain. But we were talking about JD, BACK TO JD. JD is set to star in a lineup that only boasts one other 30+ projected HR hitter (Justin Upton, 32) but an IMPRESSIVE six additional sluggers slated to slug 20+ (Longo, Murphy, Didi, Duvall, Thames, Ian Happ is projected to hit 29 by ESPN which feels insane but yea) with a few other folks in the upper teens. HRs aren’t everything kids (see the 2017 champions) but they are everything I am going to talk about in this little review. Maybe this is just a function of ESPN trying to account for this juiced ball shenanigans, maybe this lineup really will have some bite to it this year, maybe I am not too sure because this is the first preview I am writing and haven’t really compared to anyone else yet. Nevertheless, I say don’t sleep on the Morning Wood offense in Year 2.

Image result for babadook
The Babadook’s Five Best Bats

1-  JD Martinez

2-  Justin Upton

3-  Daniel Murphy

4-  Brandon Belt

5-  Starling Marte






Image result for zack greinke

THE PITCHERS!:  NO BUMGARNER. They do not have Bumgarner. Long time readers may remember me pointing out last year that they didn’t have Thor anymore but did at least have Bumgarner but now they have NEITHER. So that isn’t ideal. What they do have now is Zack Greinke, whom is very good once again. And also Carlos Martinez, whom is good. Those three will anchor a staff of starters that is also hoping for some gains out of some young guys (Jacob Faria, Luke Weaver) and just might get those gains.

In le pen, le matin érection picked up Cody Allen in an uncharacteristically excellent trade and he is instantly their best reliever. Also got two solid closers in Alex Colome and Arodys Vizcaino that feel damn near indistinguishable from each other. Neither are guaranteed to hold onto their jobs or teams but while they’re in those roles they’ll be solid. Also have one of my favorite High Minors relievers in Jimmieeee Sherfyyyyyy, who still has like 40 High Minors innings to deliver some value and who fucking knows what the Diamondbacks are doing with that pen….. but yea he could be rather solid I like em let’s move on.

Image result for babadook
The Babadook’s Five Best On The Bump

1-  Zack Greinke

2-  Carlos Martinez

3-  Arodyz Vizcaino

4-  Cody Allen

5-  Alex Colome cuz the Babadook says fuck Trevor Bauer.




THE PREDICTION!:  6-10-2, 10th place.  I don’t necessarily see any light at the end of this particular tunnel AT THIS PARTICULAR TIME, but also there’s some pieces here despite the trade frenzies so nobody should take the Morning Wood toooo lightly. They’ve already made some nice moves in spring training. And yanno every season is an opportunity to not give away whatever good players you may have left, grab some youth, hope to scoop up a waiver wire breakout or two, etc. etc. etc. DO THAT BONERZ.

THE COMMISH’S PREDISH! (Odom’s Prediction):  6-11-1, 9th place.  


Your March Trades Wake Up Call via Morning Wood

There were quite a few moves made these past few weeks. I know you all care SOOO deeply about what the guy who loses most of his trades thinks BUT it’s about goddamn time someone effing did one. So, deal with it. By Shane McCann-can-can


First Trade (3/1):

XRAYZ traded Elvis Andrus, TEX SS to BABDOOKS
XRAYS traded Justin Smoak, TOR 1B to BABDOOKS

BABADOOKS traded Matt Carpenter, STL 1B to XRAYZ
BABADOOKS traded Jorge Mateo, OAK SS to XRAYZ

I’m PRETTY sure there was a draft pick swap somewheres in there too but I ain’t got the time to go find it. Maybe if ya’ll updated ya dang Twitter pages I wouldn’t have to.



1B Matt Carpenter  –  32 year old 1B for the Cardinals. Carp is coming off a pretty usual Carp year in terms of counting stats (23 HR, 69 RBI, .384 OBP) and is far from dead at his age. He has lost some of his appeal with declining appearances at other positions, though he could and should 2B or 3B eligibility late in the season. Not that the X-Rayz give a crap as they’ve casually tossed Carpenter away already.

SS Jorge Mateo – 22 year old SS for the A’s. Ranked at 72 overall on MLB.com and is the A’s 4th ranked prospect. Rated highest by Baseball America at 64. Mateo fits the typical X-Rays profile of speed and average and will likely be back at AA to start the season.

SS Elvis Andrus  –  29 year old SS for the Rangers. Doesn’t it feel like Andrus should be older? Some very non-Andrus like numbers in 2017 (20 HRs, 88 RBI) seem WAY off the charts (steroids?) considering he’s never topped EIGHT dongs before. But, I’m sure the allure of Andrus lies in his speed, which he has in spades, and the general weakess of the middle infield for fantasy purposes.

1B Justin Smoak – 31 year old 1B for the Blue Jays. At least this guy kinda had the power thing going all along but exploded with a career best 38 round trippers and a stunning 90 ribbies and a suddenly non Mendoza Line riding batting average. The hope is he keeps it up and maybe the Blue Jays don’t die of dysentery this season and maybe aren’t terrible and this looks genius come August.

This was a tough one, but I gotta go with the BABADOOKS. Even if Smoak returns to pre-2017 levels and gets dropped (as I predict he will) Andrus is a nice enough guy to have around filling up the middle of the infield. Mateo isn’t SUPER highly rated and Carpenter was flipped for a dude not in the ESPN system yet which we’ll get to later. Immediate returns favor the Babadooks as I see it.

Second Trade (3/4):

OGTFC traded Yasiel Puig, RF, LAD to SLUGS

SLUGS traded Brent Honeywell, SP TB to OGTFC


SP Brent Honeywell – about to be 23 year old SP for the Rays. Ranked as high as 11 (Baseball Prospectus) and generally in that vicinity anywhere else. Went under the knife in late February and is already out for the 2018 season and possibly beyond for that pesky Tommy John surgery. He was pretty dominant in the lower levels of the minors and kept it going into AAA with a sky high 11.3 K/9 between the upper two levels. This guy can be something special if he can return to form and keep the character concerns at bay.

RF Yasiel Puig  –  27 year old RF for the Dodgers. Good not great numbers that were much better in ‘17 than over his young career, he could maybe be a guy heading into next year and beyond. Maybe a little odd that his agent dropped him. MAYBE a little concerning that he found himself DEMOTED as recently as 2016. I still think he can produce those good but not great numbers as long as he keeps out of prolonged slumps and ends up in the minors again.

The Return I Like M

HARD TO SAY AGAIN because as much as I like both players, Tommy John surgery isn’t something to dismiss (unlike your client AMIRITE??) nor is being demoted mid-season for literally sucking. My initial reaction at the time of the trade was the Slugs getting out ahead BUT since we are a dynasty league I have to go with the FISHING CLUB in the end. You kinda already know what you’re getting with Puig and while he is a solid dude, the upside of Honeywell is too much for this casual observer to ignore.

Third Trade (3/4):

XRAYZ traded Lorenzo Cain, MIL CF to WOOD

XRAYZ received the 4th pick in the All-Star Break Draft
WOOD received the 8th pick in the All-Star Break Draft



4th Pick in the Draft – Little hard to place a value on a pick when the actual draft hasn’t taken place. Moving up four spots does have it’s advantages though


CF Lorenzo Cain – nearly 32 year old CF for the Brewers. Cain offers a skill set that is (was?) SEVERELY lacking in Q-Tip City. One that helped the X-Rayz to a title is all. He moves to a more hitter-friendly park in Milwaukee and while he won’t offer drastic numbers in the power department, that was clearly not the direction headed with this acquisition.

8th pick in the draft – See above, except for moving down bad.

It’s a little biased BUT I like the WOOD side more. Decent speed picked up for little more than a draft pick swap. Considering how much our normal writer dislikes rating draft pick trades, it would appear the Wooders got Cain for practically nothing, even if he was headed from Dropsville anyway.

The Fourth Trade (3/6):

SLUGS traded Adam Eaton, CF/WAS to WOOD
SLUGS traded Cody Allen, RP/CLE to WOOD
SLUGS traded Jimmie Sherfy, RP/AZ to WOOD

WOOD traded Alex Reyes, SP/STL to SLUGS
WOOD traded Erick Fedde, SP/WAS to SLUGS


CF Adam Eaton – 29 year old CF for the Nationals. Slugs GM Brian Smith had a mini meltdown following Eaton’s season-ending injury last year (because this was the seemingly 75th injury to a Slugs player at that point) and rightfully so as he was on to something good in 2017. He was at a career high OBP when the injury happened on a good team. Sadly, the injury derailed said breakout season and threatens to delay the start of his 2018 campaign. HOWEVER, once healthy, he figures to return to form a produce good, solid counting stats for the Wooders this year.

RP Cody Allen – 29 year old RP for the Indians. Allen notched 30 saves for the 3rd straight year for the Wahoos last year and a sub 3.00 ERA while posting a K/9 of 12.3. This was the prize of the deal and while closers occasionally are a risky move because of how quickly they can lose their jobs, Allen does seem to have one of the more secure jobs in baseball despite the now yearly spectre of Andrew Miller.

RP Jimmie Sherfy – 26 year old for the Diamondbacks. In a normal situation, you don’t trade for what amounts to a holds guy (for now, anyway) but with 10.2 IP of shutout ball last year, he will nab (hopefully) holds while under high minors status. Is it SP, RP minors holds? No, but ya take what you can get.

SP Alex Reyes  –  23 year old pitcher for the Cardinals. Reyes is coming off TJ surgery but has shown in his previous 46 IP in The Show that he can produce. 4-1 record, 1.57 ERA and a K/9 over 10 in those 46 IP. His role when he returns (May-ish) is a bit undefined and muddy at best BUT I see no reason he isn’t getting something important, be it holds, saves or dubyas, in the near future. Speaking of future, the dude is just 23 so he has a lot of time to return to the dominance he showed in 2016. He is MLB.com’s 17th ranked overall prospect for a reason.

SP Erick Fedde – 25 year old Nationals pitcher. Currently competing for a spot in the major league rotation, this dude was TRRRBUL in 2017 in his limited time before basically dying of an forearm injury and losing the rest of his season. He’s fallen off the MLB prospects watch in terms of their top 100 but he remains the 4th guy on the Nats list, and their top pitcher. He has the stuff to be a mid rotation type of guy still if he sticks around in the Big Dance.

The MORNING WOOD in a landslide, if one GroupMe poll is to be believed. While Reyes is a nice piece to potentially build a franchise around, the haul of a top 10 closer, potential future closer and a strong center fielder all under the age of 30 raised some eyebrows and I humbly agree.

Fifth Freaking Trade (3/

WOOD traded Adam Duvall, LF/CIN to LTBS

LTBS traded Kolby Allard, SP/ATL to WOOD

LF Adam Duvall – 29 year old LF for the Reds. Duvall followed up his 2016 All-Star breakout season with a pretty similar 2017 (without the All-Star selection, sad face) which in most formats was pretty good. 31 ding dongs, 99 RBI and that unsightly .301 OBP. That looks to be his only real weakness because he strikes out a lot but I guess it could be constant double play balls which would matter to his real life team FAR more than the Sliderz. An overall solid but not flashy contributor who finds himself whored out this offseason, only to return to where is all began and without so much as a single AB for either team that cast him aside.

SP Kolby Allard –  20 year old pitcher for the Braves. Rankings for this former 1st round pick vary greatly, from Baseball America at 65 to Baseball Prospectus, which places him at 24. He’s reached as high as AA ball and figures to return there to start the 2018 season. He’s shown a middling ERA and K rate so far in the minors but he’s still only going to be 21 this year.

As much as I don’t like it, I like the BACKDOOR SLIDERZ return better. A fly on the wall of the negotiations told me that this was a smooth transaction with both owners finding a good match and making it happen. Duvall isn’t a sexy name (think Jay Bruce) but he is going to produce some pretty sexy numbers even with the probably bad on base percentage. Allard is a bit of an unknown and just isn’t highly touted as a prospect. The Braves tend to know what they’re doing but no one is perfect and we won’t know how this pans out in hindsight until he cracks the majors, maybe in 2019. FOR NOW, Duvall is the better player here.

The Sixth Goddamn Trade (3/7):

XRAYZ traded Matt Carpenter, 1B/STL to LTBS

LTBS traded Hunter Greene, SP/CIN to XRAYZ

Also swapped were LTBS receiving the 2nd overall pick and X-RAYZ receiving the 15th pick


1B Matt Carpenter – Ya’ll know how I feel about this guy. See above.


SP Hunter Greene’s rights –  18 year old pitcher for the Reds. Second overall draft pick in the MLB draft last year. Super young still and yet so highly rated, sitting at 21 on MLB.com and 29 on Baseball America. Won’t sniff the majors for some time but he’s highly touted and THEY’RE NEVER WRONG!

The Return I Like More:

The BACKDOOR SLIDERZ. If memory serves, Greene was picked 1st last summer which you can view as a swap for that 2 spot, which in theory was slightly lower value. I then look at it as getting Matt Carpenter with the 15th pick, which if he were a free agent and in the pool he wouldn’t fall as low. It’s close, but I see a TEENSY bit more value heading to Lacey Township than it sent out.

Mercy Me, the Seventh and Last Trade (3/8):

BAD DUDES traded Monte Harrison, CF/MIA to XRAYZ

XRAYZ traded Adonis Medina, SP/PHI to BAD DUDES
XRAYZ traded Lazaro Armenteros, LF/OAK to BAD DUDES

Also swapped were X-Rayz receiving the 19th overall pick and the Bad Dudes receiving the 15th pick.


SP Adonia Medina – 21 year old pitcher for the Phillies. Ranked 86th on MLB.com, Medina has languished in Low A ball so far but he is still only recently allowed to purchase alcohol. What he has done in that class has been serviceable if not great with low ERAs countered by a middling strikeout rate. Could be a guy but leaning, for me, towards like a Jon Garland.

LF Lazaro Armenteros – 18 year old left fielder for the A’s. This poor kid has been traded, dropped and traded like a $5 whore the past few months it seems. Ranked 7th on the A’s prospect list (it’s something?) he’s so far only played some rookie ball with little to show for it sooooo who knows.


CF Monte Harrison –  almost 23 year old CF for the Marlins. Generally ranked in the 70s on our major ranking sites. He was a piece in the trade that sent Christian Yelich to Milwaukee and no doubt was acquired (here and in Miami) for his speed, though he has shown some pop lately.

The Return I Like More:

The X-RAYZ yet again. This is partly because Lazaro was dropped and then traded for a week late by the same dude. Prooooobably could have just dropped someone else BUT I shall manage my own damn team. Harrison looks like a slightly better prospect of the two others and seems closer to making his major league debut than Medina, though I still do like him. Far from a landslide here but points off for the Lazaro thing.

Your March Trades Wake Up Call via Morning Wood