2017 Season Rollout

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The time is almost upon us, friends. SOURCES SAY the league may open up today (2/15), and we will then begin to prep for our 10th season in a way we haven’t in previous years. There are well documented new policies (thank you current commissioner) that are being enacted for the 2017 season, so we have had to have some discussion on just how the rollout for 2017 will begin. This is predicated on the RUMOR that the league will open up today, but here’s the gist:

  • League will open up on 2/15 with current roster lock still in effect.
  • All DL situations must be cleaned up prior to any trades completed or draft (due to roster space issues)
  • Once the league page is opened up and DL issues are cleared for all teams, a 3 DAY trading period will begin.
    • Trading period will be processed by commissioner
  • Once trading period (2/15 to 2/17) ends, rosters will be cleaned up and the order for the Draft will be distributed.
  • Draft Rules:
    • Draft will be conducted in a SPECIAL GROUPME CHAT, just so we don’t muddy up the draft with conversation. Conversation on that particular chat will be limited to “on the clock” and then “Draft selection”
    • Draft will be fixed 1-10 in nature (NOT SNAKED)
    • Initial draft order will be in reverse regular season standing order (10th place picks first, and so on)
    • Draft picks can be traded during the draft (assuming you’re not next), under the rule of the commissioner and the parameters clearly spelled out on the League chat.
    • You have the right to PASS on your draft picks, and just pick when the draft completes.
    • You have roughly 1 HOUR to make your draft pick, and you shall be prompted to make said pick.
    • If you do not make the pick in that time, you will be PASSED on your remaining picks.
    • You do NOT necessarily have to pick a minor leaguer, or bring your roster up to compliance at the time of the draft completion.

I mean, basically that’s it. Once the draft is completed, all of the players will be put on waivers for a period of 2 days, and the league will open for business after the waiver period. You will be mandated to bring your roster to the effective minor league compliance by the night before baseball starts (3/31). This is inflexible, and there will be a penalty article posted on the blog once drafted up by our dear commissioner.


2017 Season Rollout

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