2016 Backyard All-Pro Team

If you squint that football could ALMOST resemble a baseball…. al….most

With the regular season concluded and only one light Monday of playoff action to skew stats, now seems like a lovely time to debut a little wrinkle I am stealing from the National Football League  #ComeAtMeGoodell  #IAmStuckInHashtagModeButShallStopNow.  To adjust for yanno SPORT differences and the fact that this is fantasy baseball and the fact that nobody pays attention to this blog anyways, I am going to unify the format into just basic positions (plus a Utility spot just to shamelessly shoehorn in a few more first basemen and stupid David Ortiz) with two selections for the “First Team” and one selection for the “Second Team”.  I assure you that will make sense once you look at it.  As usual all opinions are entirely mine and are entirely correct.  Also please note that we all know that the most important stats are what these fantasy men put up in the fantasy playoffs, but the same goes for the football men in the football playoffs and they still get away with handing out this shit early.  So let’s hand out this shit……

2016 Backyard All Pro Team  — First Team

Catcher:    Buster Posey (OGTFC), Wilson Ramos (‘Topes)

First Base:    Paul Goldschmidt (RR), Edwin Encarnacion (MM)  

Second Base:    Jose Altuve (BDP), Daniel Murphy (WBS)

Third Base:    Josh Donaldson (BBS), Nolan Arenado (MM)

Shortstop:    Corey Seager (OGTFC), Jonathan Villar (BDP)

Left Field:    Kris Bryant (OGTFC)Ian Desmond (OGTFC)

Center Field:     Mookie Betts (OGTFC), Mike Trout (OGTFC)

Right Field:    Mark Trumbo (BDP), Carlos Gonzalez (PP)

Utility:    David Ortiz (BBS), Freddie Freeman (‘Topes) 


Starting Pitcher:    Madison Bumgarner (WBS), Max Scherzer (BBS)

Starting Pitcher:    Chris Sale (PP), Justin Verlander (MM)

Starting Pitcher:    Corey Kluber (RR), Johnny Cueto (RR)

Starting Pitcher:    Jose Fernandez (OGTFC), Cole Hamels (‘Topes)

Starting Pitcher:    Rick Porcello (BBS), Jake Arrieta (BBS)

Relief Pitcher (Saves):    Kenley Jansen (MM), Zach Britton (BBS)    

Relief Pitcher (Holds):    Dellin Betances (PLX), David Phelps (MM)

2016 Backyard All Pro Team  — Second Team

Catcher:    Jonathan Lucroy (BDP)

First Base:    Anthony Rizzo (OGTFC)    

Second Base:    Brian Dozier (WBS)

Third Base:    Manny Machado (RCCM)

Shortstop:   Carlos Correa (PP)

Left Field:    Starling Marte (BBS)

Center Field:    Charlie Blackmon (‘Topes)

Right Field:    George Springer (PP)

Utility:    Joey Votto (MM) 

Starting Pitcher:   Noah Syndergaard (WBS)

Starting Pitcher:   Clayton Kershaw (PP)

Starting Pitcher:   Jon Lester (PLX) 

Starting Pitcher:    JA Happ (MM)

Starting Pitcher:    David Price (PLX)

Relief Pitcher (Saves):    Jeurys Familia (WBS)

Relief Pitcher (Holds):    Kyle Barraclough (PP)

2016 Backyard All-Pro Team

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