Week 2 Postmortem: Power Rankings


Here’s something for discussion, Power Rankings – Week 2 Edition:

(Editor’s Note: Nobody made Week 1 Power Rankings, so we all failed)

1- Main Street Mooninitez (2-0) – After taking down T’s Topes, Sean becomes one of the 3 undefeated teams, and boasts a very strong total stat line going into a week 3 against the Banana Slugs.

2- Dee-Generation X (2-0) – The other 2 win squad put together a balanced performance against the Bulldogs, and will take their roster shuffling ways over to face the Cuban Missiles next week.

3- River City Cuban Missiles (1-0-1) – Historic performances by the Missiles starting pitching has the owner questioning everything this team is about. He’ll look to keep the good times rolling against fellow undefeated DX.

4- Barnegat Banana Slugs (1-1) – Despite the loss this week, The Slugs boast some of the highest stats in the league, which he’ll need against the top seeded Mooninitez.

5- Pine Lake People’s Champs (1-1) – RMac gets in the Dub column with a bounceback performance in a week 2 battle of the preseason favorites. He’ll be facing Connor and the Altuves in week 3.

6- Rojo’s Resurgence (1-1) – The Resurgence club is battling injuries, but put together a more than respectable performance against the defending champs, with a statement week following this week.

7- Club Going up on Altuve (1-1) – The Altuves showed a surprising bit of power this week, which they will hope continues when they head to Pine Lake in week 3.

8-  Springfield Isotopes (0-1-1) – A strong week 1 performance is followed by a very un-strong week 2. The Commish needs to right the ship ASAP, with a big time original owner match-up against Rojo’s Resurgence.

9- Ocean Gate Trout Fishing Club (0-2) – Woof. This team should be a LOT LOT LOT better, but Trout boss Heroy will be sweating a bit, heading to face fellow cellar dweller Bulldogs.

10- Whitestone Bulldogs (0-2) – After a 2nd week of facing a team with a strong offensive performance, Cliff will hope for a little more out of his guys against Heroy and the Fishing Club.

Week 2 Postmortem: Power Rankings

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